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RIP Cujo 2012-9-23-2017


My dog I had for 3 yrs was chased by a stray dog into traffic yesterday eve. He was killed. A bystander carried him up the long driveway and I sat an watched him take his last breathes. He died trying to defend my cat, which is what the stray dog was originally after. Cujo came flying out to defend him, little did he know he was going to be chased and killed. The dog that did it has been hanging around my neighbor’s yard/house, and growling at anyone that approaches the yard. IDK if anyone owns the dog. He has been coming around my backyard and taunting my dog and messing with my cat. An growling at and challenging me. I will call the shelter tomorrow, the dog won’t be here much longer.I am already livid at that dog. I want it gone ASAP. You can’t blame me. Cujo is buried next to Shadow, one of his buddies. One of the feral kittens I tamed, Scampers, (named because she was the wildest/most likely to run if you approached her), was there as I buried Cujo, as I thanked her, she looked at me and meowed once. Cujo loved all the kittens, they were his buddies. Cujo had a thing for cats. He thought all cats/kittens are his buddies. An he was happiest in a crowd of them. (Clowder). RIP CUJO, I love you boy!!!!!</3

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Well he was a hero, dying as he was defending the cat. I hope your probem with the other dog is son sorted.

24 Sep, 2017


So sad to read this :(

24 Sep, 2017


Aw that is so sad. What a shock for you. He was a lovely dog. Please accept my sympathy :(

24 Sep, 2017


I'm so sorry for your loss. How terrible to lose a beloved pet. RIP Cujo

25 Sep, 2017


This is a dreadful way to lose a beloved pet, so sorry to hear this.

25 Sep, 2017


So sorry for your loss.

25 Sep, 2017


I am so sorry for your loss.

25 Sep, 2017


So very sorry to read this, its distressing to lose a beloved pet, I always think even more so when he was so young....

25 Sep, 2017


Poor Cujo, I hope he didnt suffer.

Please dont give up on being a dog carer. There will be another one out there who needs your love.

25 Sep, 2017


It is always sad to lose a friend. I agree with Diane: one day you will be ready to think about taking another dog into your home, and into your heart, though he won't replace Cujo. He'll be another one to love, and to love you and the cats.

26 Sep, 2017


Oh can't abide the thought of your loss, so sorry.

27 Sep, 2017


How awful. I'm really sorry for your loss, I can understand how upsetting it must have been. What a good looking boy Cujo was and how brave. How lovely that Scampers was there to join you in saying goodbye to Cujo. Animals have their own special bonds as well, don't they?

29 Sep, 2017


Thank you, everyone. Cujo was a great lil dog, no, I don't believe he died suffering, think he was killed on impact. In a heartless hit & run. Yes, the dog that chased Cujo is dead. Animal Control euthanized him (the dog was a boy, too) 2 days later. The stray dog killed Cujo then was trying to go after me. Like he planned it. So Cujo protected me & Victory. He died a Warrior. No higher honor than that. RIP my friend, like I said, you are & will be missed!

4 Oct, 2017

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