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Pictures of my Caithness Garden


Hello Everyone,

I have finally got round to posting pictures of my Caithness Garden (Far North of Scotland) from this Summer. I hope this gives a flavour of what can be grown up here despite the coastal and especially windy conditions. I will shortly be posting some of my collection of Roses Photos – Hope you enjoy.

Regards and Happy Gardening

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Hi Liam, seems your pictures have gone AWOL or are they elsewhere on GOY?

22 Aug, 2020


You have some really attractive plants in your garden. I have enjoyed the trip round!

22 Aug, 2020


Wow! You were busy yesterday putting all your pics on Liam. You have a lot of beautiful roses as well as other plants in your garden.

22 Aug, 2020


Hello Everyone - Thanks for your comments so far.

Grandad_gardener - It is the first time I have posted photos on this particular Site but you should be able to view them from the 'Most Recent' Section of Garden Pictures. I hope you are able to find them and enjoy !!

Anget - Thank you very much I am glad you enjoyed the 'virtual tour of the Garden'.

Thorneyside - Yeah I went a bit 'photo happy' last night took me a little while to get them all posted just glad it worked !!. Thank you for your kind feedback - most appreciated.

I will hopefully sit down later on and respond to some of the questions that have been asked.

Thanks once again



22 Aug, 2020


Liam you can add photos on the blog itself- if you look at the ask a question form you'll see an option to add photos lower down.
I finally found four photos of gorgeous roses - are there others somewhere else?

22 Aug, 2020


Hello Steragram2 - Thanks I did not realise that I could add photos as part of a blog. First time I have posted photos on this site so a bit of a learning curve. I added about 200 photos on Friday Night and I think the best way to view them is to view them from the 'most recent' section of the Garden Pictures.

Hope you find them and enjoy !!

23 Aug, 2020

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