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The Dragons have arrived!


By balcony


………………………The Dragons have arrived!…………………………..

The Antirrhinums, that is, otherwise known as Snapdragons. They have come out in force on my balcony, even after the hard winter we’ve had.

These are the same plants I grew from seed last year & transplanted into the clay pots in rings on the balcony railings. They flowered very nicely last year & I just cut them back over the winter & kept them in the greenhouse on the balcony

You can see the baskets of Fuchsias that overwintered inside the balcony. They spent all winter in the baskets. I only gave them the dubious protection of some sheets of paper & put them under the table in the most protected corner of the balcony

This vivid pink one really grabs your attention as you pass by the balcony!

The is a bright yellow one which the sun has caused to come out overexposed so it looks more white than yellow.

These red & yellow ones are growing in the big, white flower trough while I wait for the seedling Dahlias to grow & flower. They are seeds I collected from the council seedbeds just a couple of days before the plants were pulled up to be replaced with Pansies for winter flowering.

These lovely ones are flowering in the small, brown trough that sits on the cross bar of the railings.

Finally this is how you would see my balcony if you were to pass along the path in front of our flat! This photo was taken today, 13th June 2010.

Hope you enjoy my “dragons”. At least hey are not of the fire breathing variety! LOL!

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Your balcony looks wonderful as usual :o) I love Snapdragons but somehow never get much success with them. Congratulations on having some very nice ones.

14 Jun, 2010


Your snapdragons are such lovely colours

14 Jun, 2010


Lovely balcony, and it's only June! It will be spectacular in a few more weeks.. well done

14 Jun, 2010


your balcony looks lovely..........i had some bunnies as i call them....but seem to have lost them in the bad winter....

14 Jun, 2010


Thank you all for your great comments & I'm happy that you liked my blog on the dragons. :-)

Hywel I don't understand why you don't have much luck with them. Is your soil rather on the acid side or perhaps it's because they don't like too much water. These are plants that prefer to be on the dry side of wet & on the alkaline side of neutral. They grow as perennials in the mortar of old walls around here & other places.

Thank you, Jeansusan. I'm so glad you liked them! :-)

I hope the balcony will look better in a few more weeks time as well, Dylan. I have less plants this year as being out of work I can't afford to buy any plants this year.

Sorry to hear about your loss, Hollyeves. :-( If you keep them pretty dry over the winter, like I did, they will grow away the following spring. Though they can be treated as annuals & sown each year just before spring comes. There were a few, especially those in the big white trough on the right as you look at the balcony, that spent a whole year in that position & weren't moved at all. The ones in pots were moved into the balcony because they share the pots with Fuchsia cutting & I wasn't sure if they were hardy. They are also underplanted with Crocuses!

14 Jun, 2010


Its looking lovely already, one of these days when my daughter fancies a ride out I`m going to come find your balcony......

14 Jun, 2010


Fantastic performance ,Beautiful production (::)

15 Jun, 2010


Won't be hard to find, Lincslass!

Thanks, very much, Redsongbird! :-)

15 Jun, 2010

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