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Cambridge Botanical Gardens (Compost Corner) 4


By balcony


Cambridge Botanical Gardens (Compost Corner) 4

This is the last part of this series of blogs on composting – but I wonder now if it shouldn’t have been the first!

Why is it a good idea to compost?

Composting is a form of recycling that benefits your garden & the environment.

- Up to 30% of our waste can be composted.

- It reduces landfill & pollution.

- Without much effort, it can save you money.

Reasons to compost

Good soil is the key to successful gardening. Digging in compost helps your garden grow. It:

- Improves soil structure which helps drainage & aeration, encouraging healthy root growth.

- Encourages good populations of worms & other soil organisms.

- Improves soil fertility.

- Helps the soil retain moisture.

Composting saves you money as it reduces the need to buy:

- Chemical fertilizers.

- Soil improver.

- Mulches.

By home composting, gardeners can contribute to protecting the environment by:

- Reducing the amount of organic waste that goes into landfill sites.

- Reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.

- Eliminating the need to use peat as a soil improver, as compost is an excellent alternative. Peat bogs are among the UK’s rarest habitats & 94% have been lost. Reducing the demand for peat helps conserve these areas.

Reasons to recycle

- 75% of all rubbish gets buried in the ground.

- Our household waste is rising at an average of 3% a year.

- 80% of our rubbish could be recycled.

We need to break the trend of sending 3% more rubbish to landfill each year, although 80% of it could be recycled. This is bad for the environment & wastes money. Soon, there will be no land left where we can bury waste.

Sustainable living

You can help our environment by reducing waste through considering what we can re-use, what we can recycle & which materials can be composted.

I hope you will have found these blogs of help if you have been considering what to do about the mounting bins of rubbish we seem to produce every year. Have felt concern for the environment but had little, practical idea of how you, yourself, could do anything to contribute to its improvement.

These blogs may also be of help to gardeners who have practised composting their vegetable waste for years to see other ways of making their composting even more environmentally friendly.

Or who perhaps haven’t been too satisfied with the quality of their compost to see where they may be going wrong or to consider other ways of improving the quality of what they produce. Thereby increasing the fertility of their soil & the quality/quantity of the produce, be it in the flower garden or veg plot.

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Very interesting blog.

21 Nov, 2010


Well done Balcony, go and have a well earned drink. :o))

21 Nov, 2010


Great, really good blog Balcony.

21 Nov, 2010


Many thanks, again!!! our town is at the centre of a Local Authority pilot scheme to "get it sorted". I now have four refuse bins:- plastics and tins, paper and cardboard, garden and food waste (all food waste, even cooked, to be added, biodegradable bags supplied), and items for landfill. Have been amazed by just how much my landfill waste - incidentally, the smallest bin - has reduced! The plastics bin makes me think about packaging, more, too. Glass still has to be taken to a central point, however. In previous years, I always made my own compost, but my present, tiny, garden without soil has made this largely redundant, and so the LA's initiative has been most welcome.

21 Nov, 2010


What about trying the wormery, David?

It's true that the councils have increased their collection of recyclables but a lot still goes into landfill & can we be sure that our recyclables are being recycled? It seems that a lot is shipped abroad & contaminates the environment overseas! :-(( Perhaps we need to take our councils "to court" & insist that they "vet" the companies they contract to take away our recyclables. They need to make sure they are not simply "sweeping" the problem "under the carpet"!

What do other people think about this?

21 Nov, 2010


really liked this :) what its all about really :) gardeners would appreciate....

12 Sep, 2013


This is one blog where I would have expected many more replies. I felt disappointed in the few replies I've had & still feel disappointed even now, three years on!

19 Sep, 2013


aww! re do it another time may be???

19 Sep, 2013


Might be a good idea! I could copy it out & repost it as a new blog! ;-))

23 Sep, 2013


yeah... new members would see then and reminders are useful...

23 Sep, 2013

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