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Mother's Day in Cuenca, Spain


By balcony


Mother’s Day in Cuenca, Spain

Mother’s Day in Spain is celebrated on the 1st Sunday in May, which this year coincided with 1st May. As my wife still had a few days holiday left from last year she took advantage of the extra day’s holiday for the wedding plus the weekend plus Monday’s Bank holiday & managed to stretch her holidays by a few days! She likes to go to Spain twice a year if she can to see her 85 year old mum & her brother & sister. She usually stays with one of our two sons who continue to live in Cuenca.

As I hadn’t been back since Christmas – New Year 2009/10 I felt I had to go as my wife was only going for 4 days.

Anyway the 1st photos on this blog are actually of our return flight but with only 6 days between flights I thought they would have been very similar so I am using these photos as if they were the of our arrival in Spain on April 29th!

Arrival in Cuenca

The next 3 photos are of our arrival in Cuenca. In spite of evidence to the contrary, it wasn’t really raining at all! It was spitting but the drops accumulated on the windscreen of our cousin’s car. Several times during the 90 min trip from Madrid to Cuenca we had very light showers. (Autovia would be the Spanish equivalent of dual/three carriage motorways)

The next 4 photos are of the *Old City of Cuenca*:

The Bar Las Brasas is just a few doors down from my in-laws place. The owner has some parentage with my in-laws & my father-in-law spent a lot of time here.

The white building is where my family in-law live. This street is very steep & it goes up to the Plaza Mayor, a big square with the Cathedral of Cuenca. On this side their house is only one floor above the street level but on the other side of the buildings on this street there is a drop of over a 100ft!

Here is a photo I took in January 2010. My family-in-law live in the flat whose window is just to the left of the first row of arches. In fact we lived in that flat (where the arches are) for about 5 or 6 months in 1982!:

Through the gap between the building you get a glimpse of the Old City & above it the hill called Cerro del Socorro where there is an enormous plinth with a stature of Jesus Christ on top. This is visible over much of the city & is illuminated at night.

Plaza de Canovas

The photo above was taken from this square which is major hub of the bus routes in Cuenca. Of the 8 or 9 lines that serve the city at least 7 pass through this square!

This is a close up of the statue that was erected to commemorate the people of Cuenca who carry the statues on their shoulders during Easter Week (Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday).

I call this a road train for want of a better word! This train carries tourists on a trip around Cuenca. I first saw this train during Christmas 2009. As it still continues it must be popular among people who come to visit the city.

Plaza de Taxis

This square is at the opposite end of the High Street from the Plaza de Canovas. This square gets its popular name from the fact that the taxis in Cuenca have had their stop there for decades.

The Pansies were looking very good in the gardens. There were even some roses opening as well!

Viveros La Mezquita

My son & daughter-in-law took me to visit this garden centre. I’d never seen it before, though I did know they had a nursery somewhere. They had a shop in town, close to the Plaza de Taxis. Before we left Cuenca, 10 years ago, they moved to bigger premises nearer the railway station.

It was at this garden centre where my wife bought me many packets of seeds when she went to Cuenca last September.

Especially for Hywel: lots of Cacti!

I’ve never seen this plant before but I liked it very much!

Orchids – by the 100s!



I could go on adding more & more photos but I’ll make a 2nd blog next week.

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i realy enjoyed this blog would love to have seen a picture of the statue of jesus lit upthoes orchids looked amazing lovly pics

12 May, 2011


Lovely blog. I love Spain. If I can see correctly, the prices on the plants look very attractive too. The plants are really lovely. Look forward to your next blog. Thank you for sharing with us.

12 May, 2011


Thanks, Balcony - lovely blog. Love the 'old town' of Cuenca. One of our favourite pastimes is sitting outside a bar in whatever town we visit just watching life stroll by. Hope your M-I-L enjoyed her day?

13 May, 2011


It would be torture to go to a garden centre in Spain, knowing I couldn't buy anything to take home!!!

Never been to that part of Spain before, looks lovely.

13 May, 2011


One of my son's use to live in Australia and there Mothers day is in June so i use to have two mum's day every year, as he always sent me card etc in June..

13 May, 2011


great blog Balcony & lovely pics, lots of info too..all looks neat & tidy,we have just come back from Palma Nova where i too visited a local GC will post a blog soon..come home & everywhere looks a mess..litter all over the place,i felt like getting back on the plane.. lol

13 May, 2011


A really interesting blog, looks a wonderful place to expore and the height of those houses overlooking the old town look amazing. Nice to see a garden center in another country wonderful Orchids and I like the standard Azaleas too! Thanks for sharing ;0)

13 May, 2011


Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments & I'm so pleased you like my blog! I was wondering if I had posted too many blogs where I speak about Cuenca - but it seems there is still appetite for at least one more! LOL!

@Bogwitch, I may be able to find a photo I've taken of the statue of Jesus but I don't think I have a night view of it. I'll post a photo just for you in my next blog sometime during the coming week.

@Sprog, I can't comment on the prices as I have no idea of what the prices are like here in the UK! I've not seen a decent garden centre with more plants than "Sundries"! As for the quality I would say it is pretty good but then I have to repeat what I've said above.

Thanks, Nariz, I think she enjoyed having us with her for a few brief days. My wife is considering going for a couple of weeks in September but I don't think I will be going back then.

@Clarice, that's one of the advantages of living in a different country from our kids - we get greeting twice! Our daughter lives only 5 miles from us & she wishes us happy Mother's Day or Father's Day on the day here in the UK while our two sons in Cuenca wish us happy Mother's Day or Father's Day on the day it is celebrated in Spain. :-))

@Joanella, one of the things that draws my attention in Cuenca is the graffiti every where that makes the places look so ugly & dirty. They used to clean it away years ago but they seem to have given up on the battle now - which is a shame. Here in H'don there is very, very little graffiti & the local council, to give them their due, do a lot to keep the town clean & tidy. The floral displays are a great point in their favour but to win a gold medal in two years is about much more than just having a few nice looking flower beds!

I'm so glad you found my blog so interesting, Pansypotter! :-)) The standard Azaleas also attracted my attention but the photos don't do them justice! I have more pics of the Orchids but didn't want to put them all on at once. Unfortunately I don't know the names of the plants though there were probably labels in the pots.

13 May, 2011


our local council have said they are cutting back on planting in public areas but have not done so as yet ..maybe after the summer plants have gone.your town have done really well to get 2 golds.:o)

13 May, 2011


It must have been nice for you to meet your family again, and interesting for us to see different places, What a lot of cacti ! I would have had to buy some lol

15 May, 2011


Yes, as you say, Hywel, it was nice to see our family again! I hadn't seen them in about 17 months but my wife went back in September last year, when she brought me lots of packets of seeds back. :-)) I didn't go as I couldn't face the idea of being "shut in" for 2 weeks.

I also find it very interesting to see other places as I'd never be able to visit them all myself!

There were lots of Cacti as I said in another post before making the blog. I took the photos especially thinking of you & your liking for them.

I could have bought the whole place if I'd had the money! As it is I came away with just one packet of Morning Glory mixed. My daughter-in-law saw them before I did & gave me the packet. I grow Morning Glory most years on my balcony & grew them in many of the balconies in the flats where we lived in Spain.

17 May, 2011


Well thanks for showing the cacti :) I hope your morning glory plants do well this year again ..

18 May, 2011

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