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Amaryllis flowering in September


By balcony


Amaryllis flowering in September

Here are some photos of my Amaryllis flowering in September. All the photos belong to just two plants. Just I took them from different angles & more or less upclose. There are two flower stems with two flowers open on each of them.

In a couple of the photos you can see the flower bud of the 2nd pot which I brought home from the allotment the other day (Sep 1st). When that one opens it will be white with red veining. It’ll be various days before that happens.

Amaryllis with two buds beside our shed on the allotment:

Amaryllis with two buds in living-room 10 days later:

The next day, September 1st, I discovered another pot with one bud:

Here is the same pot in the greenhouse:

Here it is, with the bulb with two flower stems, at home:

Here it is now at home:

First of the flowers to open on 3rd September:

Now all 4 flowers are open:

The following three photos are different views of the same plant taken today, 5th September 2012:

In a few days time the 2nd bulb, with just one bud, will open. This time it will be white with red veining. I know what colours to expect now before any bulb, of the 50+ pots I have, opens as I put a plastic plant label in each pot with the colour written on it.

All these bulbs were grown from my own seeds 6 years ago & the great majority have all flowered at least twice in the last 2 years

It’s not really the flowering season for Amaryllis, which, contrary to what most people believe, is NOT Christmas (these bulbs are forced, in the same way as Hyacinths are forced, to flower at Xmas) but the middle of spring.

Sometimes they may flower a 2nd time later in the year, or perhaps bulbs that were too small to flower in the spring are now big enough to send up a flower stem – or two!

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Mine flowered in June in fact they were better than at Christmas ! :0))

5 Sep, 2012


They are gorgeous Balcony, I`m still hoping mine will reward me with some blooms, the original one hasn`t started into growth yet but one of the little bulblets has in the last few days....

5 Sep, 2012


Good to hear you had such a good display, Valadel! :-))

Thanks, Lincslass. So happy you think so! :-)) When did your original one finish blooming? They need the best part of a year to recover & make up their strength again. Anyway their natural period of flowering is mid/late spring here in the UK at least. They also need a couple of months dormancy & some cold to flower again.

The bulblets may need some years to flowering, don't be in a hurry to see flowers just yet. Due to the size of the flowers they need a long time before reaching flowering time.

6 Sep, 2012


I have had the original one 4yrs now Balcony, its goes through the proper cycle every year but only ever flowered in its first year, it has babies instead, I remembered you told me I`d have a long wait with the new ones but still keep keep hoping to get my original one to reward me, lol,....

6 Sep, 2012


Strange to see them flowering in September, but they're very pretty, and always a welcome sight :o)
It will be nice to see the two-coloured one ...

6 Sep, 2012


Marvellous that you got them all from seed - what patience, to wait for them to flower! Hope you put on a pic of the white one when it comes out.

6 Sep, 2012


Lincslass, are you removing the bulblets each year? You needn't unless they are "bursting" out of the pot. They actually flower better rootbound! Have you given them tomato or rose fertilizer during the summer or when they are growing? This will help them to build up more energy for flowering. I do this every year & my bulbs, most at any rate, flower year after year.

It's not very common as you say, Hywel, but last year I had more than two & they flowered in the greenhouse on the allotment.

Steragram I knew before I even saved the seeds that they would need at least 4/5 years to flowering! I don't really think about having patience - it's not like they are the only things I grow on my balcony! They spent most of their lives, up to flowering in a mini-greenhouse on the balcony & didn't really "get in the way". It's NOW that they "get in the way"! I mean they take up MUCH more room than before & I have to carry them back & forth between the allotment & home twice a year!

Then they have to spend the winter on the 3 windowsills of our flat, stacked 2/3 tiers high! As they show buds in the spring I move them into our living room where we can see them. When they are finished - back to the windowsills till the middle of May.

I've written 4 or 5 blogs (or more!) on GoY about my Amaryllis, you might want to look them up if you are really interested.

7 Sep, 2012

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