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Been AWOL but now back!


By balcony


Sorry I didn’t say anything but my wife & I went back to Cuenca, Spain on Friday 5th February to see her mum, sister & brother as well as our son & his 1 year old daughter.

We got back Tuesday night 16th. I glad to say that my mother-in-law is much better than when we left her in November 2015.

We went over with the fear that we would be burying her before we returned home or my wife might have to stay on while I returned. Happily neither happened & now we are planning on going back a 2nd time this year, perhaps in 3 months time – while there is no further complication! After all it’s only a matter of time before her enlarged heart gives up but the oxygen she is on 24h a day is obviously doing her good! :-))

Over the next few days I’ll be writing another blog on our time in Cuenca & I’ll be posting some of the 100 odd photos I managed to take this time around!

Meanwhile here are some photos of the Hanging Houses (Casas Colgadas) Cuenca is famous for:

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Sorry to hear about your awful stressful time Balcony. Glad your wife's Mum is much better. The photos are beautiful. What a lovely place. That's why I pressed 'like'...not because of your sad and worrying times.

22 Feb, 2016


Its good to hear that your mother in law is a little better - the whole situation must be a great strain for all of you.

The houses are amazing - what a fantastic view there must be from those windows!

22 Feb, 2016


It must be hard especially being so far away from your mother-in-law, I am pleased she is a bit better Balcony, those houses are something else and the views must be amazing, not altogether sure about living in one though...
A like for your photo's...

23 Feb, 2016


I'm glad to know your mother in law is all right. It must be a relief to you both.

Interesting photos :)

23 Feb, 2016


Thank you all for your kind comments & for expressing your concern for my mother-in-law's health as well as ours. Certainly it has been a very stressful time, now partially relieved after seeing how much better she is since we last saw her back in November. At that time we weren't convinced she'd make it to Christmas, not only did she survive Christmas but also 91st birthday in January! Now we think she can live for quite a bit longer! :-)) It's seems conceivable that she may make it to her next birthday! That is as long as her enlarged heart can continue.

The suspected cancer of the womb lining turned out not to cancerous after all & in fact the swelling of abdomen has decreased considerably! She is also much more aware & her incipient dementia seems to have slowed its advance & she is much more lucid & very much aware of those around her, in fact, except for occasional lapses, she seems much more like her "old" self once again! As she is now on oxygen 24/7 it maybe that which has helped her a lot. She once again has colour in her face & it even appears to have filled out since we were with her in November.

Even so my wife still lives with the telephone at her side when at home & with a mobile phone with a Spanish SIM card to make it easier & cheaper should her sister have to phone in an emergency & we are not at home. Yet there is a little less stress now, though we are both very much aware the end could come at practically any moment.

About the photos of the Hanging Houses I posted: they are not lived in, for nearly 100 years they have been a restaurant & bar. They were restored during the 1920s & have become the identifying symbol of Cuenca ratherlike the Eiffel Tower for Paris or Big Ben & the Houses of Parliament for London. Centuries ago the Catholic King & Queen of Spain used to live in them during the summer, they were their summer residence!

You can read a little more about them in this article from Wikipedia:

23 Feb, 2016


Thankyou Balcony for the info and the link, will have a read....

23 Feb, 2016

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