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Some beautiful Amaryllis for 2016


By balcony


Some beautiful Amaryllis for March.

I thought I would show you some of the beautiful Amaryllis have been flowering on our living room table for the last 3 months:

So let’s start with this wonderful view of flowering Amaryllis bulbs on our living room table taken today, March 7th 2016:

(The flowers on the table in front of the Amaryllis are plants given to my wife for Mother’s Day, a Kalanchoe, from our youngest son, a Pansy in a tiny painted pot from church (given to all the ladies in church) & some Lilies from our daughter.)

Another photo from today of one of the Anglo-American hybrids, the fifteenth to flower since the beginning of the year:

This photo is of one of my previous hybrids that began flowering in 2010 & have flowered every year since!:

The next picture is of one that may possibly be an offset of ‘Pinky’ that is flowering for the very first time

A lady on another gardening forum sent me an Amaryllis bulb, 4 or 5 years ago, called ‘Pinky’, a very apt name as it’s a lovely light pink & the flowers are much more open, having lost their original trumpet shape. As this flower has only just opened today it may not yet have reached it’s maximum size & aperture.The original bulb must be one of those that hasn’t flowered this year so far.

Here is a typical red, but I found it to be the darkest of all my reds to flower so far this year. Again this is a bulb from the previous sowing of 2006. That doesn’t mean to say it IS one of the original bulbs that first started to flower in 2010, no, it may be an offset of one of those.

Another one from previous years. The comments I’ve made above could well be applied to this one as well:

Anglo-American hybrids

This one however is the very first of my Anglo-American hybrids to open its very first flower ever! It opened while still on the bedroom windowsill where it has spent half the years for the last 3 years. The other half of the years it spent on Gerry’s allotment. All my Amaryllis spent six months of the year on the allotment & the other 6 months on our windowsills in the kitchen & two bedrooms. In the UK they can’t be left outdoors from the middle of October to late April or early May.

I’ve written a blog on the origin of these hybrids which you can read about in my blog section.

Here is a picture of the first 2 Anglo-American hybrids to open side by side in the middle of January:

Here is another beautiful Anglo-American Amaryllis, it’s been in flower since the middle of February:

This one I took on Leap Year’s Day, 29th of February.

Here are several of them flowering on our living room table at the start of February this year:

These are some of the older hybrids flowering in our living room a few days before those above:

One of the Reds is in a bowl on the living room table as one of the flowers accidently broke off as I was trying to get it out of the kitchen windowsill.

My wife got me to change the old Venetian blinds & put up some curtains in their place last November/December. That now makes it very difficult to move the plants in & out of the window as well as making watering them much more difficult for me!

Well I hope you liked seeing these wonderful plants in flower in our living room this year. I think you will agree they look much better en masse than just one or two on their own! Remember also ALL these plants are grown from my own seeds NONE of them has been bought. Since the first seeds sown in 2005 to now I’ve never been without a few plants in flower for around six months a year every year!

I’m going to add just one last photo I took a couple of days ago of the biggest flower of them all – it measures EIGHT inches/20cm across! I took a photo with my hand in front of the flower with my fingers stretched as far apart as I could possibly manage & I barely reached the tips of the petals on either side!

Same flower but with my hand removed!

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They are amazingly beautiful.

8 Mar, 2016


What a lovely display ...

8 Mar, 2016


Thank you for your comments & for looking at my blog. :)

9 Mar, 2016


They are all very beautiful. I agree about them looking better when there's a lot together. I always like seeing them.

10 Mar, 2016


Wonderful you are so clever, we only had one which flowered the first year, and that was that!! I have never seen so many beautiful blooms, congratulations...

12 Mar, 2016

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