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Blood Lily


By balcony


What’s Count Dracula’s favourite Lily? A Blood Lily, of course! LOL! Not very funny I know but then I was never any good at making (or remembering!) jokes!

I’m no Dracula but nevertheless I do have his favourite lily – a Blood Lily (Scadoxous florus) just beginning to flower in our kitchen!

It grows VERY quickly once it makes a start! In just a few days it has gone from hardly a “pip” to a globular flower head!

Just making a start:

A few days later:

Father’s Day 2016:

Last year but a month later!:

In about a week’s time that is what it will look like again this year!

If you are wondering why I photographed it in front of the TV it is because the flowers have very fine petals so you need to show it off with a dark background or it doesn’t show up at all.

Edited to include a couple more photos:

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Now, that is nice.I've never seen one before!
Did you notice, I didn't mention the joke ha ha!!

19 Jun, 2016


never seen one of these before, beautiful flower :O)

19 Jun, 2016


Me neither quite spectacular does it actually belong to the lily family as I know it,,the name does not give me a clue.
In other words I am clueless.

19 Jun, 2016


Balcony its fabulous ,I did have one once but it didn't grow,clever you well done !

19 Jun, 2016


No it doesn't it belongs to the Amyrillaceae, true lillies belong to lilliales. they are both monocots then their botany diverges.

its a stunning bulb non the less.

19 Jun, 2016


It is very unusual and beautiful :)

19 Jun, 2016


Wouldn't it make a wonderful speeded up film of it opening? Its like a sparkler!

19 Jun, 2016


Thank you for your comments (nobody has mentioned my bad joke! :-))!)

I didn't realise that so few people knew of it! I've had it at least 5-6 years & it comes back every year! It was sent to me my a member of another gardening forum I post on after I had sent him a bulb of my Amaryllis.

Thanks, Sb, for explaining that for me! :-)

Stera, there is a short video on the internet showing how quickly it opens. I wish I knew how to do time lapse photography!

21 Jun, 2016


Ah well, there's a learning curve for you!

21 Jun, 2016


Never seen or heard of the blood Lily before ...... quite fascinating.

21 Jun, 2016


Seeing as you all like it so much, I've just included a couple more photos: one from yesterday, one from today! :-)

22 Jun, 2016


I found some more info on this lovely plant on Wikipedia:

It can be treated in the same way as Amaryllis - only my little plant has never produced any "babies"! :-(

22 Jun, 2016

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