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Bye, bye Mum


By balcony


Bye, bye Mum

My mother-in-law has left this life even though a short time ago I said she had been seen by a doctor who told my sister-in-law her lungs were clear of fluid & her heart was OK. That was on a Saturday, on Tuesday she couldn’t breathe & lost consciousness, her daughter called the doctor, a different one from Saturday, & he was astounded to find her lungs full of liquid & her heart struggling. He immediately called for an ambulance which took her to hospital but on Thursday morning she left us forever. :-(( My wife was sitting by her bedside, stroking her hair when she stopped breathing. Her sister & I were in the room, at the foot of her bed, when she breathed her last.

My wife & I had arrived at her bedside only 12 hours earlier after travelling most of the day. We spent the night in the hospital room with her.

So that’s why I haven’t been on here for a week.

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Oh Balcony, so sad to read this news. Take comfort in knowing she had a long life and was with her closest family when she passed away. Sending you my condolences.

28 Feb, 2017


Sorry to read your sad news, Balcony.

1 Mar, 2017


Thats sad to hear Balcony my condolences take care Denise.

1 Mar, 2017


Sad news, Balcony. Sincere condolences.

1 Mar, 2017


My deepest sympathy goes to you and your family,Balcony,and I am glad you managed to get to Spain in time to be with her,which will be a comfort to you all..
take care,Sandra ....

1 Mar, 2017


I'm so sorry to hear this sad news David I'm pleased you were able to be there at the end a little comfort to your wife ,please accept my deepest sympathy ....

1 Mar, 2017


With deepest sympathy to you and all the family on your sad loss.

1 Mar, 2017


The end of a difficult time for you all - thankfully she is at peace now after a long struggle. She must have been so grateful for all the visits you managed to make. I hope you have many happy memories to sustain you both.

1 Mar, 2017


I was so sorry to read of your recent loss. Such a terrible shock just when things seem to be going well. But so wonderful for her to have all of you around at her end of this life.

1 Mar, 2017


Balcony I am so sorry to read your news, its been a struggle at times and I know you have had to rush off before, I'm pleased you were there at the end to say your goodbyes, your mother-in-law is at peace now, the lady reached a grand age, I know its always sad when our loved ones leave us but soon will come the little smiles as you look back and chat about her life and the memories you will always treasure.
My Sincerest Condolences to you and your wife......Take care Sue ..

1 Mar, 2017


Put a plant in the garden for her. Every spring it will grow again. New life in a plant means new memories and happiness to treasure.
I have several memory plants in my garden.

2 Mar, 2017


Deepest sympathy from me too. Such a shock for you all. Take heart from the knowledge that you were all with her at the end.
I agree with Diane, when the time comes choose a plant that reminds you of her.

2 Mar, 2017


Thank you all so much for all your condolences which I appreciate very much. I haven't been able to thank you earlier because there is no internet connection in my mother-in-law's house.

Our daughter planted some roses in her garden on the day of the funeral & with the help of her children.

Now that you mention it, Diane, perhaps I could do something similar on our balcony. I don't have many permanent plants as I mostly prefer bedding plants so as to get as much colour as possible on the balcony for as long as possible.

5 Mar, 2017


Hi Balcony ...
Sad to read your news. I hope you find a special plant as a memory. x x x

15 Mar, 2017


Thank you all for your lovely words of consolation! We are back home once again after having spent a month in Cuenca. I'll write more in the coming days.

22 Mar, 2017

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