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Orchid for Mother’s Day - in Spain!


By balcony


My wife received a lovely yellow Orchid for Mother’s Day – in Spain today!

My wife is Spanish & we have 3 adult children who were all born in Spain where we lived for a great many years before coming back to the UK to live in 2001. Our first born is a girl & she has lived in the UK since 2002. Though she has married a guy over here & has 3 children by him – the oldest now recently having completed her 10th birthday – she can never forget that she is 50% Spanish. She lived more years in Spain than she has lived here in the UK so some customs don’t die easily, amongst which is celebrating Mother’s Day on the first Sunday in May, thus the title of this blog! It just so happens that this 7th day of May is also the first Sunday in May this year so our daughter got her mum this lovely yellow Orchid.

I imagine you may be curious as know what day/date Father’s Day is celebrated in Spain – well in this case it’s always a fixed date, independent of the day of the week it happens to fall on. This is 19th March – St Joseph’s Day (at least in Spain!). So every year I get a present from my daughter on March 19th – as well as on the UK Father’s Day in June!

We also have our youngest son now living in the UK too, with his Spanish wife & daughter. He also does the same as his sister, i.e. gives us presents on these days in Spain as well as on the UK dates. Only this year he seems to forgotten what day it is today – in Spain! He was round our place last night for an hour or so with his 4 year old daughter but didn’t say anything to his mum nor has he phoned her today or sent her a message, he’s probably forgotten even though he has lived here for only the last 2 years. I wonder if his wife has forgotten it’s Mother’s Day in Spain today as well?

Our other son still lives out in Cuenca, Spain. He doesn’t know the dates of Mother’s Day or Father’s Day in the UK so never rings us or sends us cards or a message, on those days, however he always sends us a message or phones us on the relevant dates in Spain – he did so today!

Can anybody id it? Is it a Moth Orchid? We have a small white one we got around Christmas time. I think I wrote a blog about it some months ago.

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I think that's lovely to keep up the traditions ...

9 May, 2017


think it's Mothers day in New Zealand also. Love the orchid. :O)

15 May, 2017


It's beautiful, isn't it? A few days ago I picked off the dead flowers on one of the stems. Our daughter has grown Orchids for many years now - her husband buys her one from time to time - & she told her mum she always picks them off when they are finished & she gets them to reflower later again! So that's what I did.

Now our son tells us, his wife has one that she has had for a couple of years in their bathroom, to cut the stem back & then it will flower again!

Who do I take notice off when both have had success with their method?

6 Jun, 2017

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