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Birthday present


By balcony


My son & his wife gave me a birthday present of a ‘Calla Lily’ (Zantedeschia rehmannii) which has dark purple, almost black, spathes. It’s about 30cm (12ins) high. For the time being it will stay on our living room table but in a couple of weeks it may well go outside onto our balcony for the summer.

I’ve never grown this plant before so I’m looking forward to growing it & seeing if I can keep it for a couple of years. I’m always loathe to throw away plants. I like to propagate them as well. It’s rare the plant I can’t get to reproduce in some way! Some propagate so easily they end up almost becoming weeds!

This last photo was taken on 26th May but it seems I’ve forgotten to put the date on it!

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Thank you for sharing Brian. Which compost do you use for Lilies please ? I will grow some now I cant bend down to put Brassicas out without falling over !
Never thought I would be a bench gardener, but it comes
to us all I suppose.

30 May, 2017


It's a lovely plant. I hope it lasts a long time for you.

30 May, 2017


Hi Diane, I think it's a case of mistaken identity again, I'm not Brian but David! (Balcony)

If you are asking me about Lilies in general well I just grow them in the common, of the shelf, garden compost found in the gardening section of any supermarket. They have done well for me in that medium. They have always been watered with tap water even though we live in a hard water zone.

If you are asking about this 'Calla Lily', well it's not a true Lily, as you no doubt know, part of the botanical name is on the photos themselves. As for the compost used ditto above. For the moment it seems healthy enough after 10 days in this compost.

Thanks, Hywel, I'd never seen this plant in such a dark colour before. I'd seen it in white, yellow & red but never in deep purple, almost black!

I'd like to pick your wits about a Fuchsia I was given over the weekend. I'll put it up as a blog & perhaps you might be able to id it for me - even though I know there are 1,000s of different cultivars. Thanks. :-))

30 May, 2017


Gorgeous Happy Birthday Balcony.

30 May, 2017


Hi David Balcony, I am having great pleasure making a drawing of your Calla Lily with water soluable crayons.
There is a lot of colour in the flower which shows up when the sun is shining.
Today I went back to the Art Shop for more crayon colours.
Two for one in the week, three for two Saturdays !
The manufacturers make 100 different colours.
Its difficult to make Royal Purple without the right crayons.
Lovely to collect several shades.
All the colour there is at Chelsea, yet one most beautiful plant can show these exquisite colours, like a personal gift
to us all.
Must do this more often.

3 Jun, 2017


Glad you liked the plant sufficiently to want to draw it! :-))

The Calla Lily is now outside on the balcony, on a table we have in a corner that doesn't get much direct sunlight. It's probably the shadiest place on a South West facing balcony that can be found!

It has changed somewhat since I repotted it & moved outside. A few of the leaves have now grown longer but the spathes are more or less unchanged - though I'd have to take a photo & compare it to the one I put on here.

5 Jun, 2017

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