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'Spot the Difference'!


By balcony


‘Spot the Difference’!

I would like to do a “mini-blog” so I propose a game, like you find in newspapers & magazines & kids’ comics: ‘Spot the Difference’!

The 2 photos below are very similar but ‘Spot the Difference’!:

They were both taken the same day with perhaps 30 mins between them but in those 30 mins something happened, can you ‘Spot the Difference’?

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Sending you a PM ...

30 Jul, 2017


What happened to make them do that Balcony?

30 Jul, 2017


Me to ...

30 Jul, 2017


Gosh yes......

30 Jul, 2017


Yes I see the "difference". What happened?

30 Jul, 2017


What a difference !

30 Jul, 2017


Did you do it on purpose?

30 Jul, 2017


Yes I can

31 Jul, 2017


Thanks for taking part in this little game! ? I had a look at your PMs & I don't think anybody has got it exactly right!

The dried up/shrivelled leaves some comment on are visible in BOTH photos - so that isn't the answer! They are just MORE visible in the 2nd shot. They are in fact my Sweetpeas that did very badly this year. Again, that's NOT the answer.

Nevertheless it does have something to do with the white troughs on the balcony floor. I'll leave it another day then tell you the answer if no one has guessed. Try amplifying the photos & switching between the 2. Perhaps that will help.

Please PM me with your guess, I forgot to put that little instruction in the blog. Thank you again for participating! ?

31 Jul, 2017


I give up! Cannot see a difference ...

1 Aug, 2017


Look to the three bottom white troughs Shirley the green foliage is mainly missing but I still am not wiser on what caused it.

1 Aug, 2017


3d, I saw the foliage looking bedraggled and sent Balcony a PM. Not the right difference, hence I give up!

1 Aug, 2017


Thanks all for taking part! Only Hywel has come the closest in a PM he sent me. Congratulations, Hywel! ?

3D you are right is so far as you mention the green foliage is mainly missing.

Shirley you give in too easily! ? You were on the right track!

The leaves are missing from the Morning Glory climber! As I explained to Hywel, in the PM I sent him, I sow lots of seeds of Morning Glory in all 3 troughs but when they get about 2-3ft high the leaves become so big they block out the light from the other plants growing in the troughs. Therefore I remove a lot of the leaves for a foot or so so that light can reach the plants in the troughs once again! This doesn't hurt the plants & perhaps stimulates them to flower more?

I wanted a "before" & "after" photo for myself but when I saw them it occurred to me that I could make up a game in a blog & that's what I did!

1 Aug, 2017


All is clear to me now ... :o)

2 Aug, 2017


Glad of that, Shirley! ?

2 Aug, 2017


Ha ha!!

2 Aug, 2017

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