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The July Balcony


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The July Balcony

As I haven’t shown many of the plants on our balcony at home I thought I would do a blog on what has happened on it during this month of July which is practically over.

Balcony seen from outside (Centre) on 1st July 2017:

Balcony as seen from street on 15th July 2017:

Balcony seen from outside (Centre) 22nd July 2017:

Just 3 weeks separate the first & third photos! As you might expect during July quite a bit has happened, not only have the plants got bigger & flowered even more but there are many new plants on the balcony as well.

For example, as there is no room in the flat for my Amaryllis once the leaves reach their full size during the summer, I’ve been forced to put some out on the balcony, on some shelving I put up for them & then painted green:

This shelving I put up at the far end of the balcony from the door which is also the far end of our living room. There it doesn’t block out any meaningful amount of light.

Plants on the middle bar of the railings & on the floor:

Standard Marguerites from Dick on balcony 1st July 2017:

Fuchsias (Standards from Dick) on balcony 1st July 2017:

At the far right you can see that 1 of the 4 standard Fuchsias Dick gave me didn’t survive its repotting & has since died! The other 3 are doing fine:

Fuchsia ‘Jollies Macon’ in pot on balcony 15th July 2017:

Another Fuchsia given to me by Dick (a friend from church).

Fuchsia ‘Lady Boothby’ in square tub on balcony 1st July 2017:

I’m much happier with this Fuchsia ‘Lady Boothby’ than at any other time since I was given a small plant & a few cutting from a member of another gardening forum (who also used to post on here as well) some years ago.

Can you make out how much she has grown in just 3 weeks? In fact she has been growing at an average of an inch a day during July!!!

The original plant is still growing but has never made this amount of progress in one season. She shares a square tub with 4 other Fuchsia plants

I rooted them all last autumn & managed to keep them alive all winter. Then in late May I planted them all out in this tub. I didn’t know at the time of planting that the tallest one was ‘Lady Boothby’ even though I suspected it might be. I thought I would train it to become a standard 3 ft high. But after a few weeks I was convinced it must be ‘Lady Boothby’ when the original plant started growing & the leaves were identical & the form of growth the same. I then decided it wasn’t a good idea to train it as a standard after all. Now the plant is almost as tall as me!

Variegated Geranium ‘Black Prince’:

This particular Geranium came originally as a cutting from a GoY member who lived in Scotland. It roots very easily & therefore I’ve been able to root many cutting over the years & so keep it alive. I love the nearly black foliage & the pale pink flowers that contrast so well with the leaves!

Variegated Geraniums ‘Vancouver Centennial’:

I bought a plant of this Geranium in Sainsburys on a whim some years ago. Again it roots very easily & I’ve been able to root many cuttings from the original plant.

Variegated Geraniums Green & white:

I’m not 100% sure but I think I bought this Geranium at the same time as ‘Vancouver Centennial’. It also roots with a great deal of ease &, like the above Geraniums, I’m been able to root many cutting form the plant over the years I have had it.

All of these Geraniums are very floriferous indeed & I grow a few plants of them every year.

Begonias on balcony in hanging baskets:

This yellow Begonia is flowering even better now than when I took this photo! Even better than in pots on the balcony railings for 2 years!

Yellow Begonia in hanging basket on balcony 30th July 2017:

Trailing Begonia ‘Illumination Salmon-Pink’:

I’ve had this trailing Begonia for 3 years now (the same as the others, as I bought all the tubers 3 years ago) & it has spent 2 winters in a wicker hanging basket. There were 2 tubers in the basket which grew & flowered for 2 years but one hasn’t returned this year. The other one is this photo above.

I have another trailing Begonia ‘Illumination Apricot’ but it hasn’t begun to flower yet this year. Again I had 2 tubers but one died during the winter.

Wicker hanging basket with Fuchsia buds 1st July 2017:

Double Fuchsia Flowering in wicker hanging basket on balcony 30th July 2017:

The flowers opened a day or two ago.


Tomato ‘Moneymaker’ plants in corner of balcony 1st July 2017:

Tomatoes ‘Moneymaker’ underneath shelving in corner of balcony 1st July 2017:

Tomato ‘Moneymaker’ on balcony from inside 15th July 2017:

Tomato plants ‘Moneymaker’ on balcony 30th July 2017:

View of balcony railings from inside 30th July 2017:

With these last photos taken this evening I’ll finish this blog of our balcony during July 2017.

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Well you certainly pack some colour into a small space and all in pristine condition. Well done you

The hangers for the geraniums did you make them if so from what material.

30 Jul, 2017


Wow! You prove that one doesn't need a large garden to have a really nice show of plants. So colourful!

30 Jul, 2017


Wow. Bet there is nobody else who has packed such a spectacular display into such a small space!

30 Jul, 2017


Your balcony has always been so colourful , I'm sure if I passed by where you live I'd recognize it, they are always happy plants and the rate of growth proves that, do you still have the allotment as well Balcony...

31 Jul, 2017


Looks fantastic what a lot of variety you have amd all looking healthy.well done

31 Jul, 2017


Thank you for taking the time to look over our balcony! ?

Brain, the rings/hoops are made of aluminium & I bought them when we lived in Spain. I used them for quite a few years there as well. I brought them back to the UK the year after I returned from Cuenca to the UK. They fit so well on the railing here!

Eirlys, I'm glad you like the balcony, I learnt, by gardening on balconies while we lived in Cuenca, Spain, to pack as many plants as possible in a small space. I try to use not only the floor but the walls & ceiling as well as the balcony railings.

Thanks, Steragram, for your compliment on the balcony! ? I don't know if our balcony is better than others as I haven't seen any others. It MOST certainly is the best balcony of the 25 in our block of flats! Even though I've been gardening on this balcony for the last 16 years very few people have ever planted anything on their balconies.

Lincslass, I'm sure you would have absolutely no problem whatsoever in recognizing our balcony if you passed along this way - there is no other like it in Huntingdon! Even if you hadn't seen the photos just knowing I pack the balcony with lots of flowering plants would give me away!

To answer your question on the allotment, no, I no longer have an allotment nor has Gerry. So no more allotment gardening for me. ? No more allotment blogs either!

3D, I try to have a variety of different plants & I like to have a few that are not so common as well. Thank you for taking the time to have a look.

31 Jul, 2017


I wondered because I hadn't seen any blogs or heard any mention of either one, I've been playing catchup for weeks now, where on earth are going to keep all your Amarylis babies now, you had so many and I remember you back and forth to the allotments with them....Hope Gerry is ok...

31 Jul, 2017


Lincs, I gave up my allotment nearly 3 years ago & then went back to helping Gerry for a year. The following year he gave up his half allotment plot & only kept the whole one. Then in the spring of this year he gave that one up as well as he finds it more & more difficult to find the time the allotment needs.

He has an elderly (90+) lady neighbour whom he has helped for some years - since her husband died - with her garden but last year she told him that was her last year growing vegetables as she found it more & more difficult to do things in the garden. She then told him he could use her garden to grow whatever he liked. That finally made him decide to give up his allotment.

As you mention I then had no place to put my Amaryllis during the summer so Gerry asked her if she wouldn't mind if I put them in her garden during the summer. She was very happy to let me use a space at the bottom of her garden for shelving to put the Amaryllis on. So since May I have had most of my plants in her garden.

I've uploaded a couple of photos to my Photos Page & you can see them there. (The Amaryllis)

Gerry is still keeping in good form & grows vegetables in his neighbour's back garden.

31 Jul, 2017


My goodness Balcony, you certainly use all the space, it looks beautiful. Everything is healthy. A very pretty picture.

1 Aug, 2017


Thanks, Cinders!

1 Aug, 2017


You have a spectacular display on your balcony. I should think it brightens up the whole street :)

2 Aug, 2017


Well it is the the most "Floriforus" "garden" in the street!

2 Aug, 2017


Good :)

2 Aug, 2017

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