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Morning Glory (Ipomoea)


By balcony


The Morning Glory (Ipomoea) plants on the balcony are flowering really well this month! I think it has been some years since I had so many flowers during August! In fact, on August 21st, I had the greatest number open this year so far!

Have you ever wondered what the strings on the balcony railings were for? Well, now you know! They are for my Morning Glories to climb up!

Also for my Sweet Peas, but this year they did badly & never got as high as the top of the railings let alone reach the strings!

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mine are doing well too I think they have liked all the moisture. funnily my sweet peas were disappointing too.

24 Aug, 2017


Some years ago, on one of our visits to Cuenca, our son took us to the new gardening centre that had been built outside of town & I bought a packet of Morning Glory seeds that had many different colours, some of which I'd never seen before.

As there were a huge number of seeds I didn't sow them all but kept some for another year. I also planted out lots of them on the allotment I used to share with Gerry.

Unfortunately, over the years the plants have reverted to the original base colour of blue/purple, not that that is particularly important as I also like these very much but all the same I would have liked to have been able to grow some of the other colours as well.

24 Aug, 2017


I have pink ones I'll collect some seed from them and send you them if you'd like. you can see what colour they come up.

24 Aug, 2017


Aren't they gorgeous!

24 Aug, 2017


Thats the most fantastic balcony I have ever seen !
I can only have half-baskets. Movable non-gardening tenants downstairs mean the front garden is a wreck. My offer to pay for it to be cleared received instructions from the Estate Manager that I am to stay off it as I have been told before - not that I can remember that. Years ago I did it with the tenant's permission, had it full of flowers.
I try not to look, as the other neighbours do.
Anyway, I used Rock Plants and Dianthus in my half baskets this year for a change.
They have done well, will provide variable foliage for the winter months, and flower again next year.

25 Aug, 2017


The Morning Glory is lovely, something I always mean to grow and never do, but next year!! Well done it looks lovely and must be greatly admired by everyone passing, cheers up your day when you see some lovely flowers.

27 Aug, 2017


Thank you all for your lovely comments!

SB I'd like to take you up on your offer of seeds from your pink variety. Would you like some of these blue/purple ones in exchange? I'll PM you my address.

They are gorgeous indeed, Sue!

Diane, thank you for complimenting me on the balcony! I love to grow as wide a range of plants as I can as well as use all possible space!

Sorry to hear you can't use the piece of ground that could be turned into a garden. Your use of half baskets seems quite well thought out! I hope they are giving you pleasure.

Honeysuckle, the sight of these Morning Glory opening every morning & being so fresh feels me with happiness! I can't wait to go out & contemplate them day after day! As you will have seen from the few photos I have included in this blog, I like to take photos quite often - I took another just this morning!!!

27 Aug, 2017


I have lots of blue/purple ones too so I'll pass thanks.
do send your address and I will watch out for seed.

28 Aug, 2017


Spectacular! Bet your neighbours take a lot of images.

Er, did you know that Morning Glory seeds contain LSA which is a psychedelic drug similar to LSD?
Have a feeling that way back in the late Fifties we were warned not to grow any, though I may have got that bit wrong.
It does mean one has to chew the seeds, so don't give any to the cat, or dog!!

30 Aug, 2017


No, I didn't know that, but thanks. ? Don't worry about cats & dogs we have neither now & even during the years we did they never got hold of the seeds anyway!

Talking about their seeds, just this morning I spend about half an hour picking off all the 100s of dead flowers & forming seed capsules I could find! Now I think of it perhaps I should have taken a photo of their remains scattered on the grass in front of the balcony when I finished! A veritable carpet!!! ?

31 Aug, 2017


Well don't tell the local Hippies! :O)

31 Aug, 2017


LOL! Eirlys, no danger there!

I took a photo after finishing deadheading the Morning Glory but there weren't nearly as many dead flowers as there were the day I mentioned above.

It now seems that 21st August was the day I had the maximum number of flowers open at one time! I was fortunate to have taken photos that day as since then they seem to be declining in number though they will still continue to flower during September & even into October.

4 Sep, 2017

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