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Amaryllis bulbs have now been moved


By balcony


ALL of my pots of Amaryllis bulbs have now been moved to my son’s house where he has a big shed where he can keep them for me during the winter. I no longer have a single Amaryllis bulb in the house for the first time after 16 years of growing them!

Amaryllis on shelving on balcony:

Amaryllis on balcony table:

Amaryllis leaves just cut off on balcony table:

I bagged them ALL up over the last week & this evening my son came round & we packed them into his car & he then put them in his shed – but I doubt he realized just quite how many bags of pots I had!

In each bag there were at least 6 pots & many of them had more than one bulb in them! One bag had at least 10 pots, maybe more, as it was the biggest bag of them all!

I think the best thing for the bulbs is that they stay in their pots during the winter & that the pots stay in the bags. I don’t think the shed is entirely frost-proof so I think that is the safest way for them to resist through the winter. If it turns out to be as mild a winter as we have had during the last few years they will survive perfectly well without any further attention (the great majority of the pots are bone dry) but if we are forecast extremely hard frosts then I will make arrangements with my son to give them some extra attention so as to keep them safe.

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Balcony my goodness you 'll not know what to do with all that space, in all the years I have known you, never have you had any spare room on the window ledges or the table, always covered in pots of bulbs at this time of the year....

6 Nov, 2017


Crumbs Balcony, you'll be wondering if you are in the right house! What does Mrs Balcony think about it - is she going on a cleaning splurge?

7 Nov, 2017


This is very good advice for Goyers to learn from.
I have been searching for one to buy .........wrong time of year !

7 Nov, 2017


Diane you can often find them in supermarkets or garden centres growing to bloom about Christmas time. They are often sold in cardboard boxes so you might miss them.
They might be labelled Hippeastrum. You can sometimes find the bulbs advertised in some christmas gift catalogues as well.

7 Nov, 2017


Thanks Stera. Will keep looking. The shops seem full of out of season cut flowers that dont last a week.

8 Nov, 2017


I hope your bulbs will survive the winter. You'll have more room at home now :)

9 Nov, 2017


I always like reading your post on Amaryllis. I have followed orders and dealt with mine. By that, I don't mean I have farmed them off to my sons.

10 Nov, 2017


Thanks all for your comments!

Lincs, you are quite right - I've never gone a year without Amaryllis on the flat windowsills! I later discovered I'd forgotten about the ones on the kitchen windowsill!!! ? As I've cut off all the leaves I can't see them any longer from inside the kitchen. We have a shelf (AKA: breakfast table) below the window, now full of plants, as well as curtains & net curtains all of which make it difficult to see what's on the windowsill.

Diane, as Stera says, you can find them in CCs, supermarkets, etc. Only this morning we saw some in boxes (for £5) in a shop downtown. If you have difficulty still in finding any if you send me your address by PM I could send you a few of mine.

Thanks, Hywel, I have high hopes they will survive. If we get really bad weather I'll arrange with my son to provide them with extra protection.

Linda, I'm glad you find my blogs on Amaryllis interesting! But I haven't exactly "farmed them off to my son" either! In the New Year I will examine them every week or two & bring out those that are showing signs of life.

13 Nov, 2017


It's like sending off your friends? I have been busy with stuff so haven't been on Goy. Always like to see what you are up to. Now I do not have a son with a shed, and you
introduced me to so many Amaryllis that now I have them
all over. Not as many as you!!! You might be lonely without them. I liked that photo and was interested to see that one pot was cracking, but you did seem to really cram them inside. Great photo for information.

16 Nov, 2017


I'm glad you have caught the Amaryllis "bug" as well! ??

I don't cram them in the pots, they just multiply! Rabbits have nothing on Amaryllis bulbs when it comes to reproduction!!! ???

Not more than 2 years ago that pot, which has now split, I had just one bulb in it! Till earlier this year I have always planted just one bulb in the centre of each pot, but as they produce offsets, often 4 or 5 per bulb, they fill up the pots & every couple of years I have to separate them - that's how I ended up with so many! Plus 2 years ago my "Anglo-American hybrids (20 bulbs) started to flower, 4 years after sowing the seeds!

20 Nov, 2017


I have a bulb that produced leaves during the summer months, no flowers still but I didn't expect any really, I have this morning cleaned the bulb and washed the roots, going to try in the water Balcony, figured I have nothing to lose, have you ever done any that way..Do have a pot of little bulbs in the g'house but not expecting any flowers off those for a while yet..

20 Nov, 2017


I've never tried growing them in water, Lincslass, but as long as the base of the bulb doesn't touch the water, which would cause rotting, then Idon't see why you can't do it that way! Be prepared to provide support for the flowers as they are VERY top heavy!

I think I've seen them grown in decorative stones but I don't know the mechanism of how it is done. I've only ever grown them in pots of compost.

I'd like to see the results of your experiment later if you are successful!

22 Nov, 2017


So far so good Balcony it has already started to shoot again, its in a hyacinth glass so the bulb itself isn't sitting in the water, remains to be seen as to whether I get a flower, I read up on doing it this way and it says only to grow in the water for one season, figured I really have nothing to lose, my basket of bulbils has also been brought back up to the house as they are shooting as well..

23 Nov, 2017


I also thought they could be done like that but the problems will begin when the first flower starts to open - it will need supporting!

No bulb can be used for more than one season in a medium that contains no food for them to build up for the following season - though possibly fertilizer could be added to the water but even so I doubt the bulb would flower the following year.

23 Nov, 2017

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