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Geraniums on balcony railings


By balcony


As I haven’t done a blog in months & now that the photos once again seem to upload correctly (& stay put!) I thought I might make a short blog on our balcony.

Last Saturday (4th) I went downtown to so a little shopping & to buy some Lobelias & Petunias.

The Lobelias were to fill out the hanging baskets that look a little scarce of flowers. While the Petunias were to go in the pots on the balcony railings, like I did last year. Would you believe it, I couldn’t find a single Lobelia or Petunia in town! I went to the Market Square where you can usually find at least one plant stall but there was nothing there! Nor were there any in Wilco’s or Sains… nor in the very last shop it occurred to me to check out! 😬

When I got back home I decided to have a look at what I had on the balcony to see if it were possible to find a dozen plants the same colour. I did find enough red Geraniums – even though I had to “rob” a couple from the bedroom windowsill! But I couldn’t do anything about plants for the hanging baskets though!

They will fill out over the summer & should look good. It’s not the display I had in my mind but it will have to do. I expect they will look very nice in a month or so. Like the all white Petunias I did last year this is the first time I’ve ever planted all one colour Geraniums on the railing of our balcony!

Although you can’t see the variegated Geraniums in the 3 brown troughs on the middle bar of the balcony I assure you they are there & in a month or so should be visible from outside!

In the 3 white troughs on the balcony floor they are full of Sweet Williams that are only just now starting to come into flower!

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you are going to have an amazing display again Balcony. power to your elbow as they say.

7 Jun, 2022


You are lucky to have somewhere to buy plants. The stores here keep the plants inside for a week, or they don't offer something like petunias until the fall. Your display should be amazing, as always!

7 Jun, 2022


That should look spectacular when they get going! Hope you can find what you have in mind for filling in..

7 Jun, 2022


Thank you all for your replies & lovely comments! I hope they do make a great display!

7 Jun, 2022


I agree with everyone! It will look spectacular!
It must take you ages towater and dead head everything though! But well worth it!

7 Jun, 2022


I love the look of your display and think it looks so warm and welcoming just as it is.
It really is very eye-catching and colourful.

7 Jun, 2022


Looks lovely,Balcony,so the Lobelia you couldn't find,doesn't detract from your colourful display. :o) I didn't buy anyPetunia's this year,but if you have a Supermarket near to you,called A..i,they have had lots of Lobelia this past two weeks ! not the trailing ones,though,but mine are filling out nicely ,and starting to grow over the edges of the pots. :o) x

9 Jun, 2022


Thank you Bloomer for that! Yes, there is a Al... here & I could have a look on Saturday when I go down town to do a bit of shopping.

For our weekly shop we normally use Tes... but for months now some items we used to get regularly are no longer available & some of our Favourites have been removed from their inventory so I have to go downtown on Saturdays to Sain... to see if I can find the few things that Tes... no longer supplies!

Being one of the new two German supermarkets they are well out of our way. When there is the Spanish or Iberian week at Lid... on my son takes me in his car & we "stock up" on Spanish produce we can't otherwise source.

9 Jun, 2022


I hope you manage to find some,Balcony,even if it means you have to travel.. price of fuel at the moment,makes you think twice ?
We use Al..a lot ,if we don't need much,as we have two near to us,one within walking distance,and the other accessable by bus Still go to Sains.. mainly,as I worked there till retirement,so I still get Discount ! but not always convenient. :o) .x

10 Jun, 2022


I think you are going to have a very eye-catching display on the balcony before too long ... :o)

By the way, I sowed some seeds of Spanish Flag again this year ... you may remember the seeds a few years ago were 'dud'! I planted five out yesterday and hope to see them in bloom around the end of July ... fingers crossed!

12 Jun, 2022


A beautiful balcony there! (As always though). I do love geraniums, they are so vibrant and long lasting too. Your neighbours and passers by will surely benefit greatly - and enjoy!

13 Jun, 2022


I hope your Spanish Flags are "flying", Shirley! I must get some seeds myself next year, they should look very good on the strings I use to train Morning Glory up!

Thank you, Amy! I hope our neighbours do appreciate them. The Geraniums are doing alright at present & should enjoy the warm days this week - especially if we reach the 30C we are forecast for this coming Friday!

15 Jun, 2022


David, I can almost see them climbing up those strings next year!

16 Jun, 2022


You have incredible vision then!!!😂😂😂

19 Jun, 2022



19 Jun, 2022

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