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Cacti & Granddaughter


By balcony


Yesterday I got a bag of Cacti & Succulent compost delivered.

Our granddaughter was spending most of the day with us & she wanted to know why I wanted it. I told her I wanted to repot the half a dozen Cacti I have. She immediately wanted to help me! :D In fact she ended up doing much more than I did! I got them out of the pots & gave her a few directions but mostly she wouldn’t let me do anything! :D She’s used to helping her dad! She did very well! She will be coming tomorrow for most of the day as well & we will (she will!) – repot the succulents I have using the new compost! :D

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excellent helper then. I thought you were going to ask who was the prickly one haha!

How old is she? And will she travel to East Yorks to do mine?

4 Apr, 2023


Well done all for encouraging young green fingers, could become a lifetimes happiness

5 Apr, 2023


Well done to your granddaughter, and like Sbg can you put me on her list.

5 Apr, 2023


Thank you all for your lovely comments! SBG, she is 10 years old but I don't think her parents would be willing to let her travel up to your place. 😆

I'd pass on to her your compliments, Klahanie, but she wasn't able to come round today after all as her dad has a throat infection & decided it was better to stay home for today, at least, & not go to work so that it doesn't get worse.

Thank you Grandad, but she didn't need any encouraging - almost the opposite in fact! 😆

I think Staffs. might be a bit out of the way, Callie, though she probably wouldn't mind! 😆

5 Apr, 2023


Oh!!!... Bless her heart, I needed her yesterday, I did a couple of my cacti and they got their own back by attacking my fingers..
I think its wonderful that she is interested and also helpful to you, tell her well done from me as well.........

5 Apr, 2023


PS, Balcony, hope she keeps it up, my granddaughter was similar, and this year came second in Young Horticulturist of the year regional finals and will be part of the Sparsholt College display stand at this year's Chelsea

All started with a spider plant at ten

6 Apr, 2023


I bet she really enjoyed potting on those plants & great that you let her & encouraged her to do so. It all starts with doing this & could grow into a life times hobby ( or even a career)!

6 Apr, 2023


She was handling those cacti well and didn't seem afraid of being pricked. Well done to her :)

6 Apr, 2023


Nice specimens too - hope she keep us her interest. Those little one (do they have curved prickles?) should flower for her when they grow a bit more. The tall fat one might too - it will have a ring of small flowers round near the top. If she wants flowers, tell her that in late spring she should let them dry out for a fewe weeks as they would in a desert. Don't get weather on the plants though)Then after a few weeks give them a really good soak. They will think it is a rare desert rainstorm and will flower then if they are old enough.

7 Apr, 2023


Thanks Stera for that advice. She helped me repot them in Cactus compost but they are not hers but mine.

The tall fat one does indeed flower with a ring of small magenta pink flowers around the top. It flowers every year. The other 5 have never flowered. Only last year I removed the artificial flowers from the plants, after several years!

7 Apr, 2023

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