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I’ve had an email from Steragram to say that, yet again, she is shut out of the site. She’s already used both her email addresses, so although the site blocks her from rejoining with either of those addresses, it won’t let her have access to her account

She says it will be some time till her son is able to come and sort it out for her (the techies on here apparently didn’t know how to fix the problem) so in the meantime, although she can view what people are saying, she cannot respond. There are several responses she wants to make on blogs and questions, but can’t, so apologies to those people who may be surprised that she’s not responding… its not through choice!

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What a shame. Hopefully she’ll get it sorted soon.

8 Oct, 2019


Thanks for letting us know. That's a nuisance for her.
If it's a problem with the Grows on You site though, I can't see that her son will be able to do anything about it.
But if it's Steragram's computer I hope her son can fix it for her soon ...

8 Oct, 2019


Oh dear that is so annoying and will be frustrating for her, thanks for letting us know Bamboo, took me months the other year to sort mine out, never have found out what caused my problems, so wouldn't be able to advise her in any way..

8 Oct, 2019


Thanks for letting us know Bamboo, I suspected that might be the case, as Sue usually responds straight away, Derek.

9 Oct, 2019


I wonder if she has deleted her search history? I find this often clears problems for me.

10 Oct, 2019


well I had to sign in today as it didn't allow me in.

when you say search history do you mean generally on the computer or just for GoY but if you mean GoY Steragram cant get in to delete anything.
I haven't deleted anything but it was playing up for me.

10 Oct, 2019


Poor Steragram, how frustrating for her! I sympathise, just catching up after losing internet connection for almost a week due to damage a neighbour caused to the underground cables while installing his new fence ..... so relieved it was caused by that and not the removal of my bramley which had entwined itself round our telephone cable, phew!!! I hope Steragram is able to return soon too.

11 Oct, 2019


I had to sign in again today despite ticking the remember me option.

11 Oct, 2019


Today I managed to get in - hurray. Been experimenting and can't add comments to everything (not that I want to...)but at least most of what I've tried has worked. Just one (on my own blog!) wouldn't let me comment.

11 Oct, 2019


Hi SBG I meant generally on my laptop I find clearing the history makes things work quicker/better

12 Oct, 2019

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