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I live on my own, well have company of very old dog "Lennie" who sadly really is on his last legs. However he still ambles into the garden and insists on rubbing his head on shrubs or bushes which has damaged some of lower branches, but I grin & bear it as he may not be here much longer. Also have Tropical fish tank with many characters, know them all but not named them of course. Plus one Senegal Parrot named Billy.
Billy has to have something of everything I eat, be it a crust of toast or pie, or piece of potato etc. When I have a treat of whole nut chocolate, he has the nut and I the chocolate.

My garden gives me something to do as I am semi-retired
bookkeeper with still a few clients but not sufficient work to stop me being bored. Not a "real" gardener, do not know names of many of plants I have, but enjoy pottering, and planting out Summer bedding plants in troughs. Last year tried a few dwarf runner beans and a wigwam of full runners. Had some success so really doing more this year. Attempting potato bags growing this year, and repeating tomatoes & peppers in the greenhouse. In my small raised garden I have a Bramley Apple tree also Golden Delicious. A dwarf Cherry tree gave me a few fruits in its first year and the Gooseberry gave just a few. So this year looking for a real harvest.
It is amazing the amount of plants in containers around the garden and somewhat full raised beds. This year will be the second for many new plants, and establishment of moved plants so will post any good pics later this year.

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