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One Strange Bird!


Have you ever had something happen to you that defies logic, common sense, the laws of nature…and hard to explain? It all started with a strange sound outside my front door…a screeching or squawking sound.

knock, knock!

Then The Happy Dance!

This Monk Parrot, was outside my front door screeching and squawking so loud, he was clearly trying to get my attention. When I opened the door and came outside, I couldn’t believe me eyes. He broke into a happy dance and beckoned me to come closer. He wasn’t shy in the least. What is a tropical bird doing in New York and why is he literally calling for me to come outside?

The Great Escape, 1967

The theory that is most widely accepted is that a large shipment of birds destined for sale at New York area pet shops was accidentally released at Kennedy Airport around 1967 or 1968. Although the parrots were not officially spotted until the early 1970’s, it is believed the parrots survived in the parklands surrounding the airport, and over time made their way to Brooklyn and surrounding areas where we find them today.

Well, isn’t that SO New York?! Can you blame him? Who wants to be cooped up in a cage? He came here with a green feather…and a dream! These parrots live upwards of 50 years! A life in a cage isn’t a life at all!? Sometimes you must take risks to achieve your dreams…and the notion they cannot survive New York Winters…

My arse!

Today the parrots have been seen all across Long Island, as well as New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and beyond.

Resiliency, Perseverance, Adaptability, Resourcefulness, Bravery, Survival-all come to mind. Is there a message here for me and for you? Reach for your dreams, don’t give up. Opportunity is knocking! You have the green light!, a very green light, go straight ahead! You can achieve anything you put your mind to

Deja Vu

I know I’ve heard this message before. Why does it have a familiar ring? Wait wait, it’s all coming back to me…

Those Italian Wall Lizards under my patio did almost the exact same thing! They are still here, but the pet shop they escaped from is long gone.

Wild Parrots are very adaptable and intelligent. Originally from South America, these birds made their way to the United States over 50 years ago. Today, wild parrots have been spotted in at least fifteen U.S. states and have a high concentration in New York (Brooklyn and Long Island), New Jersey and Connecticut. They are considered by some scientists to be an example of “charismatic megafauna” whose ability to charm humans helps keep them alive.

What’s so strange about this bird? Have you ever been kissed by a bird?

You have now
Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed my blog.


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He is adorable! How can you resist him, I would be luring him closer with food - fruit or seeds. He would still have his freedom but also have a supplement to his diet. Long may he stick around. Hopefully he/she will find a mate.
Love the idea of the lizards too.

19 Sep, 2019


Isn't that great? Thanks for introducing us to your new friend, Paul!

20 Sep, 2019


Thats a lovely story Paul it will be interesting to hear if he stays with you or goes his way on another adventure , I must admit I always feel the urge to open a cage to release captive birds it seems such a cruel thing to do they should fly free ,your bird had a lucky escape ,thanks for the birdy kiss :o))

20 Sep, 2019


LOL this was such a unique experience. I thought it must be an omen, but that's silly. I hope he does come back but he seemed to love his freedom so much.

Thanks Sheila it must be in their nature to be so friendly. My research showed that they are real charmers and this one lived up to that.

21 Sep, 2019


Really lovely blog Bathgate, very interesting too. Amazing how friendly it was, getting so close up to you too!
Did the little fellow take some food from you? I can’t recall from earlier blog/pics.

21 Sep, 2019


Thanks Katie. No I wasn't prepared to give it anything. What do parrots eat? They are naturalized and there is plenty of food growing around for him to eat: berries, nuts, seeds, fresh water, all kinds of bugs, worms, etc. I wasn't sure what to feed him and I was a little worried about getting bitten. I just opened the front door and there he was. I hope he comes back. I usually have the feeder full all winter.

21 Sep, 2019


It's nice that he came back!
Quite shocking news reports recently about how much the N. American bird population has dropped in the last fifty years?

21 Sep, 2019


Yes and not just the US, the whole world.

21 Sep, 2019


That's amazing and funny 👍😀

22 Sep, 2019


That’s true, especially in Autumn/Fall, I guess there is a lot around for all the birds. I’ve only a peanut feeder and sunflower hearts feeder hanging up. Saying that, the bund behind is flourishing with autumnal fruits. Oh, and my distressed holly is bouncing back...lots of red berries and looking healthy at last.

22 Sep, 2019


Great pics Bg, what a beauty:-) Are all the feral parrots ringed? Here in UK we have naturalised ring-necked (I think) parakeets, apparently since the '90s. They've even been spotted as far north as Glasgow, Scotland! They are here in the Midlands now too, though mainly in the south east, London etc. Obviously chicks from escapees. Got to be global warming:-(

22 Sep, 2019


I've only seen this one parrot up close but I suppose they all are ringed, These lucky birds must have settled into the swamp lands that surround Kennedy airport, which is actually a protected wildlife preserve.

22 Sep, 2019


Very intelligent birds parrots lol:-)

23 Sep, 2019


very smart indeed. I actually saw him again today with a few of his buddies. They came for a dip in the bird bath, but didn't stay long. He loves his freedom.

23 Sep, 2019


How lovely:-)

24 Sep, 2019


Made me chuckle! Sounds like you’re getting attached Bathgate! ;)

24 Sep, 2019


Well it's such an anomaly. Who gets kissed by a random bird - I do! A parrot in NY? Sitting on my front gate screeching and making a scene like that? Did I watch too many movies? oh well!

24 Sep, 2019


Lovely photos Paul. He obviously likes you and trusts you, but if the winter is bad and he's still around he has food and water to survive. Will he migrate Paul?

Perhaps this is a fairy story Paul...…...
Is this parrot a female, under a spell, wanting to be turned into a princess....with a kiss......

25 Sep, 2019


LOL thank you Linda. This was so serendipitous. I wondered about that too. Is this a fairy tale...or an Omen? However, it's usually the Raven who proceeds the omen as per Edgar Allen Poe. Is that right? As per my research, a colony of these Quaker Parrots have settled into the surrounding parklands around Kennedy Airport and they've been thriving there for over 30 years. Apparently they are doing just fine on their own. Of course I always have fresh water out for them and plenty of fruit & nut bearing trees. They are noted charmers which is a survival skill they have developed. I guess I should be turning into a prince at some point - - it can't hurt.

25 Sep, 2019


Have you seen the video of Snowball the dancing cockatoo? Well worth watching if you like parrots and your parrot sounds like a dancer!

30 Sep, 2019


he is for sure. As per my research these Quaker Parrots are notorious charmers. I'm happy for him/her that it found its freedom. I'll check out the 'Snowball' video.

30 Sep, 2019

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