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I've been gardeniong most of my life and am ok with common plants. I am trying to grow alot from seed as I have just moved and have a v large garden to fill and not a lot of money. I have brought all the plants from my last garden and these seem to be seetling in nicely - hard work with the hosepipe ban though! My favourite plants are oriental poppies, peonies, delphiniums, bearded iris and roses. I have quite a collection of acers, hostas and heucheras. I have a large veg garden here and have just started to train some fruit trees. The garden was very overgrown and neglected when we moved in 6 months ago but we have been redesigning it and improving the soil. The main area of garden is cottage style but we are just completing a tropical garden and are planning a seaside themed geravel garden, a rose garden and a japanese style garden with pond.

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