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Spent a lovely couple of weeks looking for plants for next year and planting bulbs I sent for.

Am still waiting for my new Rose :“Gentle Hermione” to come, I especially wanted this one for its perfume. Will have to find a special spot for it where it can be appreciated I think.

Also ordered this week a set of 3 Hardy Gardenia “Kleims Hardy” as I saw them on 1 of the shopping channels and they sounded like another one with a fabulous scent. A very nice neighbour kindly gave us two lovely big blue pots as she was going to throw them out and 2 of the Gardenias will probably be going in there. The pots are that lovely shiny electric blue and will look great on the new gravelled area.

Spent an hour or so in the garden as the weather has been so kind, really warm and sunny and while I was out planting some tulip bulbs the robin popped down to watch me and see if I would disturb anything she could have for lunch. She is so friendly, and will come really close as if she is wanting to be friends. The tulips I planted in 1 area were a mixture of White Mount Tacoma and a pretty white viridiflora with green stripes called Deirdre. Then I fond another spot for Viridiflora “Dolls Minuet” a really pretty pink with curled back petals.

Last but not least, in went the drumstick primulas, by which time I was desperate for a cuppa, so I had a sit down in the garden and thanked myself for a job well done.

Not much housework got done today I’m afraid, as after all that I had to get ready to see mum at the nursing home. Poor love she is really ill and the garden helps me to forget for a while how upsetting it is to see her in her current state. I go every day where possible but never feel it’s enough.

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You had a nice time there, Bellflower :-)))
I had that Gardenia, 2 of them infact, a garden centre near to here has them every year, their perfume is indescribably gorgeous :-)
They 'are' hardy too :-))))
I killed mine off by taking them out of the ground and putting them into pots ..... where i promptly forgot to water them and they died from drought :-((((
They were doing beautifully in the ground but other peoples concerns about their hardiness prompted me to pot them up ..... should've gone with my own instinct and left them alone :-((((

21 Sep, 2010


Sorry to hear your mother isn't well. It's a worry with elderly parents isn't it.

I have Gentle Hermione. It's beautiful. Someone sent it to me in memory of my mother and father. You'll be very pleased with it I think :o)

21 Sep, 2010


Louise I can't wait to see them when they start to bloom, but I wonder if I may be doing the wrong thing putting them in pots since I too can be a bit forgetful about watering!

21 Sep, 2010


Hywel thank you for your comments, it is hard when you can't make anything better for them. I have heard only good things about the rose we have so again I can't wait to smell it for myself.

21 Sep, 2010


sounds really nice wot you are doing. bin out planting up as well put lots of grape highersinthes on the bank as well. got sooooooooooo many bulbs to plant . hope the wether stays gud 4 all of us .

21 Sep, 2010


Let's hope for a good show next spring then Cristina, I've got blisters from just planting a few bulbs, so I don't know how you go on. Planted a few more smaller size alliums today but the ones I had this year were a bit droopy, so planted them a bit deeper this time.

22 Sep, 2010


do you want to come and plant mine lol. keep looking at em and thinking must get on wth it haha .

22 Sep, 2010


er, maybe another time Cristina, I feel a cold coming

22 Sep, 2010

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