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Further to my recent blog, I have to report that my daughter is now the pround owner of 1 adult and 4 baby bunnies.

We had just decided that there were none at all and the rabbit they found was not pregnant after all, when I got a call from Lyndsay to say she had just spotted several bunnies hopping around the garden. She was almost as excited as the kids.

They were very hard to get near as they bolted for the tunnels mum had built them when anyone came out in the garden, but after a week or so she has managed to catch them all and is keeping them in a large cage.

They are very cute and I will post photos as soon as I remember to take the camera up there.

Luckily she has a couple of people who want 1 and she is keeping 1 herself so they should all be re-homed shortly. It’s just as well they are animal crackers!

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Surprise! Surprise! So there were babies after you think this was an escaped pet rabbit then? or are you hoping the baby rabbit will become a pet as it is introduced to humans straight away? Glad you can sort out new homes for them.

7 Oct, 2010


It must have been a joy to see them. It would be nice to see some pics :o)

7 Oct, 2010


Yes W/Lass, it was definitely a tame rabbit, but we think the daddy may be a wild one. The babies are very nervous when you pick them up but that is probably natural anyay when they are so young. Mother looks like a Russian Blue (I thnk?)and is very tame but the babies are mostly brown, one has white feet and another a little white blob on its nose, the third is all brown and the fourth is a combination of brown and grey mixed together. So cute!
Hywel they do bring a smile to your face especially when they are all lying on top of one another for security. I will definitely put up soe pictures after I get back from Portugal this weekend (going to the wedding of an exchange student we had 20 years ago and haven't seen for 19 years).

7 Oct, 2010


Enjoy the wedding, Bellflower...will look forward to piccies on your return. The bunnies sound adorable.

7 Oct, 2010


Enjoy your trip :o)

8 Oct, 2010


W/lass, thank you I am back and really had the most wonderful time. Lisbon was beautiful and the wedding like a dream.

The bunnies are adorable, I saw them this evening, there are just 4 survivors and all are doing very well. Lyndsay has managed to catch them and is keeping them in a large cage along with mummy bunny and they are coming along very well. Still forgot my camera and they looked so cute this evening as they lay on my son-in-laws lap along with mum and cuddled up to her every now and then. A really heart-warming sight. She has found owners for all but the 1 she is keeping but is waiting for them to be weaned properly first.
Will try to get my act together this week and get those pics.

12 Oct, 2010


Thank Hywel, I certainly did. Was wonderful to see the boy who had turned into a mature man but still had the same warmth and good nature that we remembered so well from all those years ago.

12 Oct, 2010


Pleased to hear you had a great wedding weekend in Portugal. Not so pleased that you forgot to get piccies of the bunnies (but you'll be Will look out for photos when you manage it, Bellflower. (or as you say...when you get your act together)....

They must be settling down nicely then if the babies & mom will sit contentedly on your son-in-law's lap....can picture it ....awww....too cute.

13 Oct, 2010


W/lass I am just charging the camera up and will download a couple of photos of the bunnies but they were in the cage at the time so not too clear a picture. Will try and take better ones again soon. Watch this space!

13 Oct, 2010


Okey dokey....I'll be watching this

13 Oct, 2010

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