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Weathering A Yasi!


By bernieh


We’ve been quite lucky in Townsville after Tropical Cyclone Yasi thrashed its way across the coastline here in north Queensland. The very destructive eye crossed the coast around160 kilometres to the north and the eye was large so it devastated a number of towns in that area.

Here, in my city and surrounds, we were within the destructive wind area and we sat through some very very scary winds. Luckily the torrential rain that was expected to hit didn’t really eventuate. There certainly was rain but not as bad as expected so that was a little bonus.

Whilst TC Yasi was rated Category 5, here we really experienced cyclonic winds associated with a Category 3 tropical cyclone. The towns of Mission Beach, Cardwell and Tully coped the worst of Yasi.

Here on my property there was minor damage to the house,

but many of our tall 30 foot trees were ripped in half so there is a lot of debris eveywhere.

It took 2 hours to clear a way through our driveway so we could get a car out. It will take quite some time before the place is looking reasonable again … and a long time for the garden to recover.

For those who are interested in a look at what we do to prepare for and then to sit out a cyclone, please do pop over to my blog post:
Weathering A Yasi!

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that looks bad enough bernieh! glad you are all ok. i can only imagine how scary it is ~ its been very windy here ~ but a breeze compared with your cyclone.

7 Feb, 2011


Same here you have been lucky, glad to hear you are safe.

7 Feb, 2011


So pleased that you are safe and well Bernieh , I have had a look on your website and left a short message that was yesterday.....It was good that you managed to keep a sense of humour going through everything going on ,although I don't think I would have been calm enough to make spag/bol and play card's in the mids't of a cyclone Such a shame about your garden .

7 Feb, 2011


I'm pleased you've kept in touch and that the cyclone could have been worse--- it looks bad enough as it was!-- lets hope Queensland has had its share of trouble!!

7 Feb, 2011


That's a very positive attitude, Bernie, and you sound extremely calm. Didn't mean to "pun" there, but Oz has certainly had its share of extremes lately . . . 40 degrees in Melbourne, where my daughter-in-law is 32 weeks pregnant, and looking forward to a little relief!

7 Feb, 2011


Good to see you came through it pretty unscathed Bernieh, I'm sure you will be "up and running" soon and enjoying your new look garden.

7 Feb, 2011


Glad it missed you! Now hoping Marguerite is well away from the Perth fires! You have such extremes these days.

7 Feb, 2011


its amazing to get such an insite into whats happening on the otherside of the have been lucky but you still have such a lot of clearing up and mending. hope it dosent take too long.

7 Feb, 2011


Hi Bernie, glad to see that after such a terrible storm you are OK :) It was very interesting to read about how you go about preparing for your "wet season"!

It's a crying shame to see all those trees destroyed by the force of the winds. :(

I left a comment on your blog & also signed your visitor's book.

7 Feb, 2011



I'm so pleased to hear you and your family are all safe!:>)

It's so heart-wrenching to see all the trees and plants so devastated by TC Yasi's winds...I'm very glad you weren't hit by the eye-wall though.

Luckily, in a tropical climate the plants will re-grow pretty quickly...although, like you said: the garden will never look the same again. :>(

9 Feb, 2011


So glad that you got through that savage storm safely - very sad about your old growth forests - how interesting to watch the new space fill though - or even better to fill it yourself!! glad your lovely home took relatively minor damage only - and most of all that you are safe =))

9 Feb, 2011


I'm really glad you're safe! I was worried for a while there! You are are a valued GoYer and we all care about you :o)

10 Feb, 2011


Gosh! awful for you all. I just hate high winds, the noise and fury is so frightening.
Best wishes Linda.

14 Feb, 2011


I so appreciate all your lovely comments, thank you! I've added a new blog post which is an update on the clean-up that's happening now on my property. It's a big job and will take quite some time, so there may not be too many lovely photos for me to share this year!

14 Feb, 2011


That will be a great shame because we all love seeing your gardens! Nevertheless I think everyone will understand that after all the damage you will need some time to repair things & get your garden back in shape.

15 Feb, 2011

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