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Searching For Blooms In A Post-Cyclone Garden - Autumn Downunder


By bernieh


Yes Autumn has finally arrived Downunder. Here in north-eastern Australia we are almost jumping for joy … the departure of Summer and the arrival of Autumn is definitely something to bring a smile to the dial! But, the ‘wet’ season is not quite finished with us yet!

The rain here just won’t stop and it’s dreary and depressing most days. When the sun does come out I’m sure all the gardeners just down tools/household appliances and head outside, even if it’s just for ten minutes or so.

Further north of us, where Cyclone Yasi hit the hardest, they’re experiencing torrential flooding rain yet again … they really are coping the worst of this ‘wet’!

Anyway, I’ve added two posts to my blog for what’s known in gardening blogging circles as Flaunt Your Flowers Friday. I actually did find something to share … there are still spots of colour in my garden so click on the link below to see what’s barely in bloom here in my bush garden.

Flaunt Your Flowers Friday – Autumn Downunder

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that an orchid Bernie? its really lovely-- I'm struggling here to keep the alive indoors......

11 Mar, 2011


Hi Pamg. Yes that's a ground orchid - Bletilla striata, commonly known as the Chinese Ground Orchid. This is the first time I've grown this plant and these are the first flowers. I've really been pleased with it as it's managed to survive quite a horrid first year in terms of weather conditions.

The cyclone stripped so many plants here, that I'm struggling to keep things alive and thriving outdoors, lol! I do so hope you get bright sunny days very very soon.

11 Mar, 2011


That is beautiful Bernieh, Im pleased you are finding some hardy survivors after the dreadful time you have had, hope the rain clears up for you to enjoy what is thriving;0)

11 Mar, 2011


HI Carole. There are some lovely survivors, thankfully and it's been a delight to find a few more plants coming back every week. The rain though is driving us a bit troppo ... and the whole place is just so sodden.

11 Mar, 2011


you sure have had a bad time out the Bernieh, I have been thinking about you as you have not been on lately so its good to know you are o,k, glad you are finding some plants thats survived, take care,

11 Mar, 2011


Love looking at your garden always think its lovely, hope the rain soon stops for you.

11 Mar, 2011


Beautiful Orchid Bernie.sorry you are still having awful weather,what a bad time you have all had.I liked your
'Flaunt ' blog very much..and the little Wallaby is gorgeous.Glad you are welcoming your Autumn season..hope its a good one..:o)

11 Mar, 2011


Its gorgeous Bernieh what a welcome to autum your flowers on the link gorgeous all of them and love the bird and Kangeroo so cute or was it a Wollaby :o))

11 Mar, 2011


The Earth is certainly getting her own back for being treated so shamefully by humans, isn't it ? I'm glad to hear that you are coping with the aftermath of your awful weather. That's a lovely flower you have posted - certainly cheers you up doesn't it ?

Happy gardening.

12 Mar, 2011


Loved the photo of the Orchid, Bernieh! I'll have a look at your blog tomorrow. I'm trying to catch up with the comments & blogs here today.

As my computer's HDD is not 100% (it's actually at 55%) healthy according to the programme that monitors its health. I've spend a lot of time trying to get a backup programme to back up my HDD to DVDs. All goes well for the first 2 of the 5 then I start to get problems so it takes my attention away from places like this where I would much rather be!

13 Mar, 2011

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