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What's Blooming On This Late Autumn Day In My N.E. Downunder Garden?


By bernieh


It’s another glorious late autumn day here in the north-east of Oz. Right now it’s midday and the temp. is a pleasant 23 deg C (73 F), the sun is shining and there’s oodles of blue sky stretching from one horizon to the other (although technically I can’t really see the horizon because of all the hills in the way!)

The days are getting shorter, the nightime temps are dropping below 20 deg C … which is cool for us! … and the dry season has begun. We’re not expecting rain here now until around the end of December.

Quite a bit of the garden is still in recovery mode after the horrid wet season / cyclone season that seemed to go on and on forever from summer into early autumn. It will be interesting to see how many of these plants will go during the dry months. These trees and shrubs will have to do get through without watering now.

Looking around the place there are lots of year-round bloomers that continue to do their thing through this late autumn month.

There’s Pentas, Impatiens walleriana, Pseudomussaenda flava, Dragonwing Begonias, red-flowering Hibiscus rosa-sinensis and Malvaviscus arboreus.

There’s some lovely colour happening out in the courtyard. Here’s Cleome spinosa ‘Senorita Rosalita’, New Guinea Impatiens, Angelonia angustifolia, Begonia semperflorens and our native Viola hederaceae.

I just love the Cleome … so I’m giving it a turn in the spotlight.

The Shock Wave Petunia ‘Pink Ice’ is starting to fill out.

I’ve managed to get some of my Pelargoniums through the recent horrid wet/cyclone season with its ever-lasting torrential downpours, lack of strong sunlight and high humidity. So I’m rather pleased about that.

This is a Pelargonium hybrid ‘Caliente’ series …

… and this is Pelargonium peltatum ‘Blanche Roche’.

Elsewhere in the garden …
My Cordyline cannifolia or Palm Lily is showing a few sprays of its’ lovely little flowers. They’re a gorgeous sight up close.

The Salvia madrensis spires are so heavy they’re dragging their feet now.

Most of the Crossandras are coming to the end of their display for now, but the flowers still look lovely as the petals start to fade.

The blooms on the red Shrimp Plant are just fascinating. This is a young plant and it’s great to see more blooms popping up every now and then.

Bracteanta bracteata are blooming away nicely … they’re loving all the sunshine that’s beating down at last.

The Gerberas and Bougainvillea are enjoying all those golden rays as well.

There’s Angelonia angustifolia and Salvia leucantha flowering away outdoors …

… and Bromeliads showing some flowers.

It’s also lovely to see blooms on the Acacias once more.

In the gardener’s blogging world, today is Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day when we share what’s blooming in the middle of this month of May. To see a little more of the flowers that are on show in my Aussie garden right now, click on the following link:

My Dry Tropics Garden

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Lovely blog Bernie, and i always look at your website too !
Your courtyard areas have to be one of my favourites.

15 May, 2011


Fabulous blog and some great photo's .I do like the
Pelargonium peltatum ‘Blanche Roche’.:o)))

15 May, 2011


Thanks so much Louise. The courtyard garden is still a work in progress this year. Usually by now there would be loads of potted colour out there, but a cyclone and heavy wet season caused some delay. It's on the way now though and I've started the potting up. I'm hoping for a lovely long cooler and sunnier winter and spring.

Mushy ... the Blance is a stunner and I'm so pleased it managed to pull through. The flowers are just smashing.

15 May, 2011


You may have had a battle with the weather Bernieh, but the flowers in your garden are wonderful. I agree with Mushy the Pelargoniums are beautiful.

15 May, 2011


Thank you Linda. It's a pleasure to see the Pellies come through along with so many of the other plants. It's also rather lovely to be able to sit back after the long drawn out post-cyclone clean up and just enjoy the flowers out in the garden once more.

15 May, 2011


It looks like a colourful time for you :) I hope your plants will cope with the dry weather. And I hope you are recovering after the terrible weather you had recently.
Here everyone moans if it's dry, and they moan if it's wet lol - what do they want ?
I want it warm !

15 May, 2011


Hywel, you'd probably think our autumn/winter weather is warm ... the temps here are finally dropping to around 25 deg C (77F) during the day and the nights have started getting rather cool with temps around 16 deg C (60F). This is our cold time of year!

As for the plants, most of the damaged ones are drought tolerant so I'm hoping they will do okay. They should have deep enough tap roots to be able to get through without rain ... but they still look awful. They're all just stumps with bits of new growth sticking out ... all about 1/4 or less of their previous size. Still, there's nothing much I can do about it other than wait and see.

15 May, 2011


I like those temps you have now. I don't care if it rains or if it's dry but I hate cold temps. Pitty it couldn't stay like that all the time lol

15 May, 2011


I wish we had wildlife like yours Berniah :) Sorry to hear about your weather conditions, Ive just spent a lovely half hour searching through your blogs and pics, "sigh" Beautifull garden, despite the weather. I hope the sun shines for you and your plants...

15 May, 2011


Hywel, I would love it if these conditions stayed all year round ... I could do without our summer!

Youngdaisydee, it's lovely to catch up with you again. We are indeed blessed with lovely wildlife here ... that's part of why I love this spot in the hills so much. Sights like those Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos are an every day event here. I'm glad you enjoyed visiting my blog ... it's something I'm really enjoying as I get to visit with fantastic gardeners and gardens. Thanks for your wishes about the sunshine ... we sure do need it here.

15 May, 2011


Love to see your garden , its not very warm here at all infact today its only got to 12 and i'm freezing had to put heating on to warm house up, hope you are keeping well and thanks for showing your beautiful plants etc to us, all the best Bernieh x.

15 May, 2011


Hiya Bernieh,I always love to see your blogs on here and your website, really pleased you are getting sorted after all the destruction caused in your part of the world.
Lovely colourful pics, its grand to see the birds as well, obviously so different from my garden birds which makes it all the more pleasurable to see in your blogs, hope you get your courtyard potted up to your satisfaction, I`ve always admired that its a favourite of mine.. Sending best wishes and hopefully sunshine...

15 May, 2011


A fantastic display Bernieh beautiful pictures and plants;0)

15 May, 2011


Carol ... that does sound a little cool. It's early morning here and is 16 deg C (60F) which is typical for late autumn. Some people (thinking of hubbie here) think this is freezing weather and have to rug up! Of course we dont' have heating in our house so I have to listen to him moan every morning until at least spring now!!!

Linclass ... I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to my blog. A couple more weekends of potting up the seedlings and I'll be more pleased with the courtyard. I love my colour at this time of year, especially out there as we do spend so much time in that space. Yes the clean-up is finally over. It really did take a very long time so we're feeling a whole lot happier now it's all done.

Thanks Pansypotter and Homebird for your kind comments as well.

15 May, 2011


Just beautiful,Bernie..I so look forward to seeing all your lovely plants..I tried to grow Cleome a couple of times,but no its nice to see yours :o) Pleased your garden is flourishing again,after the weather you had...happy gardening .:o)

16 May, 2011


Thanks Bloomer. I'm a huge fan of this variety of Cleome as it just does so well here. The flowers are gorgeous. It's a shame you haven't had success with Cleomes, but I know you've got lots of other great plants.

Yes, things are starting to flourish again. There's still a whole heap that are continuing to recover and are still what I would term 'stumps', but at least they're recovering. The weather has been brilliant and looks like it will continue that way for some time, so I'm out in the garden every moment that's spare.

16 May, 2011


Beautiful pics as always Bernieh. Lovely to see the wonderful array of colours you have down there. Here today it is cold and persistently raining. Glad to hear your having sunshine. :o))

18 May, 2011


Hello Linda. It has been very pleasant here, finally. The weather is turning a little cooler as we approach the end of our autumn. Today it's a little overcast so we might be get some rain ... thankfully the torrential rain is well and truly over though.

Fingers crossed that the sun will be out once again over there for you and your days will warm up a little bit.

19 May, 2011


Sun is trying it's best today, but there's a cold chill in the air, and when it clouds over, it gets quite cold. The old saying of "don't cast a clout, till May is out" is proving to be well and truly right. :o))

20 May, 2011

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