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End-of-Spring in my Downunder Garden.


By bernieh


Yes, November is our last Spring month and already the conditions feel like Summer. It’s hot, hot, hot … and sticky and steamy … and dry and parched.

Our dry season has now lasted around eight months and we’re waiting very patiently for the rains to arrive. As I type this post, I can actually hear very, very light rain tinkling on the tin roof. It won’t last long though. It will barely touch the ground, as right now it’s what we call ‘build-up’ … the time between our long, long dry season and our short wet season.

We’ve been seeing dark clouds roll in, promising heavy rain but it never eventuates. Tonight’s briefest of brief showers is just a teaser. Lol, it’s actually finished now! It lasted less time than it took to type up this post.

For a wrap-up of the Spring months in my garden, please do click on the link below to read my blog post …

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Wow, I liked that kengoroo!. He looked like he was waiting for the bus there :)

25 Nov, 2012


Wonderful flowers on the blog! And I enjoyed Simon's Cat too - didn't know there were lots of these as I've only seen one in the vet's waiting room!

25 Nov, 2012


Fascinating to see - oh to be dry and parched!!!

Devon is flooded at the moment and the rain just pours and pours! It was a great escape to see your pics - have a lovely summer.

25 Nov, 2012


Katarina, it's actually an Agile Wallaby. Wallabies are slightly smaller than Kangaroos, and this one was waiting for some good grass. It will have to wait a while. Lol, it does look like the wallaby is waiting for a bus!

25 Nov, 2012


Wildrose, I've heard about and seen some photos of the flooding over there. It's heartbreaking to see water in people's homes. Of course we do get plenty of flooding over here too, but during our monsoonal wet season. Last year most of southern Queensland suffered terribly with catastrophic flooding, and many people lost their lives. I hope that doesn't happen over there.

25 Nov, 2012


To me Wallaby's and kangaroo's are the strangest creatures! Oh your place looks wonderful, I can tell you have a beautiful home from the little I've seen in the pictures! And you can see a mountain! Wow! No mountains here in my boring town, only goldmine dumps. You are priviliged!

26 Nov, 2012


Daglelie, I see wallabies on a daily basis here, so they're just commonplace for me. Of course I'm sure I'd find some of the creatures you see around you rather exotic and strange as well.

Yes we are circled by ranges here, and Mount Elliott dominates this side of our city. I love the outlook we have here in the foothills. Then if we drive into the city, about a 20 minute drive, we are surrounded by beaches and the ocean. It's a lovely spot.

26 Nov, 2012


Love the Wallaby, it so dry in the pic, hard to imagine when we are so wet here although I am lucky enough to live in a safe area.
Your garden is lovely Bernieh....

26 Nov, 2012


Glad to hear you're safe from the flooding Lincslass. It's heartbreaking to see the mess and devastation over there at the moment.

It is very dry here, but we're used to it. Brown and parched is a common sight for many months. Of course now we're in the 'build-up' season, and wishing for the rain. If only we could have some of the rain that's falling over there.

26 Nov, 2012



It looks just as dry as here in San Diego. We've had the same amount of months without rain and are waiting patiently for some rain (I'm so tired of watering). Northern California is suppose to get hit with a tremendous amount of rain on Thursday through this weekend. We might receive just a few showers, hopefully!

27 Nov, 2012


Hope that rain eventuates for you over there, Andy. I'm now on a daily watering schedule for all my potted plants and hanging baskets. It takes a bit of time at the end or beginning of the working day, so I understand perfectly why you're so tired of watering.

We're experiencing the 'build-up' at the moment. Dark clouds roll in. We sometimes hear thunder off in the distance. Occasionally we even get a few raindrops, but they barely touch the ground. We have to wait and see how long it's going to last before we actually see some rain.

27 Nov, 2012


Hi Marguerite, yes I had gone to sleep. It's the second last week of school, and that coupled with the heat and humidity at the moment leaves me completely exhausted most nights. I've had some early nights this week.

Anyway ... you can see just how perfectly the Agile wallabies blend in with the bushland in that shot, can't you? Brilliant camouflage.

I've heard about the gale force winds over there in the south-west. Apparently there's been quite a bit of damage as a result. How strange to get a cold front moving through at this time of year. That is really out of left field! I can't imagine putting on the heater at the end of November!!!

Yes it'd definitely 'build-up' at the moment. Some spots in Townsville actually got a shower of rain that left puddles on the ground yesterday. The rain didn't get out here into the foothills though, or anywhere near my school. So it's very patchy. The predictions apparently are that some decent rain should arrive before Christmas. We'll see. In my experience, it mostly comes around New Year.

Those who make weather predictions are also saying that our coming cyclone season should be a mild one, but of course, we never get complacent about cyclones here. We're already making preparations around our property just in case.

28 Nov, 2012

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