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By bernieh


This is the plant that we know as ‘Mimosa’. It’s Mimosa pudica, commonly called Sensitive Plant, Nerve Plant or Touch-me-not. It’s grows as ground cover.

In my part of the world Mimosa pudica is regarded as an environmental weed, but it is a most fascinating plant.

When touched it will fold up its leaves and while this behaviour does have its own fascination, it’s a toxic plant for animals and its tiny little thorns are rather annoying for humans who try to pull it up.

I’m including a link to a Youtube video of mine, where my husband is showing how the plant reacts when it’s touched.

Mimosa pudica

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It's fascinating, many thanks bernieh. I think there is a plant that does that here but it's quite possibly one that is only grown in a greenhouse and is a bit bigger? I haven't seen one with that type of flower at all.

I don't think we have any such interesting weeds! It looks so pretty in the photo but a weed with thorns is not so good!

Thank you again for the video, it makes it so much clearer.

13 Apr, 2013


You're very welcome, Sticki.

13 Apr, 2013


We used to have these at school. it rarely flowers as it needs to be kept warmer.
We used to 'taunt it' by wafting the Bunsen near it. that also made the leaves fold. we stopped after the teacher made us find out how/why it does this.

13 Apr, 2013


that made me laugh seaburngirl! bit like the venus fly trap plants that everyone wants to make shut in the garden centre!

13 Apr, 2013


yes . when the school mimosa died we wondered if it had had a nervous breakdown. No nerves of course! :o)

13 Apr, 2013


very good!

sounds like one of those funny exam answers you see sometimes!!

13 Apr, 2013


First came across this on a visit to my sister’s farm in Mackay – felt a bit daft for sitting on the lawn touching it and watching the reaction but it’s fascinating – and so pretty – and hurts like the dickens when you stand on it in bare feet – goodness its vilified though! – I found most people seem to have a personal grudge against it … personally I like it =)

19 Apr, 2013


Cate, I think everyone does the same thing when they first come across it. It is fascinating to watch. Visitors and kids play with it for ages!

It pops up here in lawns and garden beds and is so hard to get rid of. As you say, it's a horribly prickly thing and you need to wear gloves when trying to weed it out.

19 Apr, 2013


Here in the USA it is known as the Tickleme Plant because it really moves like it is being Tickled when you Tickle It.
I love the TickleMe Plant Book and party favors I found here and a cool video

23 Apr, 2013


that looks fun!!

23 Apr, 2013


What a great little site you found, Plantasticone!

24 Apr, 2013


i found the mimosa i had in mind ~ growing in a front garden in south london!

24 Apr, 2013


Well found, Sticki!

24 Apr, 2013


Thanks, it had a similar leaf I think?? A bit far away to see clearly

25 Apr, 2013

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