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It is very hot but I thought at long last I should get some grass cutting done. We aren’t talking lawn, but brush cutting through nettles, thistles, brambles and long grass that I’ve left for the wildlife for at least six weeks.
We have a powerful machine you walk behind called a ‘tondeuse debroussailleuse’ which is like a lawnmower on steroids. It has four large blades which can cut through just about anything.
I did a good job for an hour or so until I had to cut alongside the pond area.
Suddenly as I pushed the mower in my shorts and sandals, I felt some agonising pains in my lower legs, followed by my hands and arms and then under my arms. I then noticed I was being attacked by a whole swarm of angry wasps.
I left the mower very hurriedly and ran away as fast as possible. The wasps were still stinging me and I discovered a few had gone up my shorts and were crawling up my body stinging as they went.
I got back to the house and got my shirt and shorts off and found I’d been stung at least a dozen times. Very painful!
Now an hour later, I’ve had to stop using the brush cutter as my hand and lower arm have swollen to twice their normal size and are extremely painful.
This is very ironic as I have frequently told people on GOY that wasp nests weren’t really anything to worry about, and that wasps do lots of good and we shouldn’t destroy their nests without good cause.
However, much though I’d like to, I won’t destroy their nest but give them a very wide berth when I next mow in that direction!

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If annoyed these little 'w's are quite dangerous as you have found out and I have also found out, that is probably why they are best left alone, hope you will alright after r & r .

7 Jul, 2010


You must be in agony Bertie, I asked the very question last month about wasps nests, I was in two minds do I destroy, do I leave, I didn't favour destroying it but I have my grandaughter to consider and the nest was in a much used part of the garden, I didn't risk leaving it, but since then I had four more, and I have never had them before, they seem to be rife this year. I do hope the pain eases quickly for you and the swelling.

7 Jul, 2010


Dido, think they are loveing this very dry season we are having ! also dont blame you getting rid of it, you have to consider the little ones eh?

7 Jul, 2010


Yes Grandmage I did feel bad but I would have felt even worse if anything would have happend to her like Bertie! You're probably right about them enjoying the dry weather

7 Jul, 2010


Other day, I was bitten by on of the black bee and I can feel your pain. I sprayed some perfurme over them and felt better but pain went away in few days. I hope you get better soon.

7 Jul, 2010


Hope you're feeling better soon Bertie, can only imagine what you're going through. I use to laugh at my Sister-in-Law, running to get away if she saw one. I had been stung once or twice over the years, but the day after my eldest Daughter got married, we were going for lunch with her new In-Laws, when I got stung. The wasp had actually flown up into the pleat of my skirt, and stung me as I sat down. Embarrassing to say the least, when Mother-in-Law accompanied me to the Ladies, and had to pull it out of the top of my leg. It was then I discovered I have an allergy to insect bites in general. Why it took all those years to come out on me, is odd, but I too am now like my sister-in-law, and ill never laugh again when I see people who are afraid of them. I really do feel for you Bertie, and I'm sure the grass won't mind waiting a bit longer. :o(

7 Jul, 2010


Thank you to everyone for the sympathetic comments. Today I'm almost back to normal after two days of doing a passable Elephant Man impersonation. The worst bit was the legs which were so swollen it was painful every time I got up from a chair to walk about. My wife says it's my own fault as I won't take anti-histamine tablets.
Temperatures over here are still hovering around 34 to 36C, but at least we don't need to water this morning after a huge thunderstorm last night.

9 Jul, 2010


wow love this nice 1 :)

16 Aug, 2010

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