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‘Down in the jungle, something stirred’ (apologies to Mr. Kipling). No, not he of the fattening cakes, the literary one! It’s amazing how rapidly mother nature reclaims her own when she’s left to get on with it. Somewhere beneath this tangled verdance there IS a garden, and after what has seemed a VERY long year, the details of which I won’t even assume to bore you, I am at last beginning to rediscover it.
Looking on the bright side, despite the foul and unaccustomedly hard winter we had in Cornwall, most of my favourites, and especially the Daylilies, have come through unscathed. There are some cultivars that are improved by a good hard frost now and then. I am also looking forward to a bumper crop of Blackberries, courtesy of the (still) vacant plot next door which Ma Nature has also gleefully reclaimed, and spread her bountiful skirts over my fence!
By happy accident, or serendipity if you want to be posh, a clump of Briza maxima, (quaking grass) has seeded itself quite liberally between the daylilies and is proving to be a very attractive and amenable companion plant. Not deep rooted, it can easily be winkled out from where it may be growing too thickly.
The giant red poppies (don’t know their varietal name but suspect they may have relatives in Afghanistan) have excelled themselves this year, and eighteen plump seedheads are now ripening at the top of 3ft stems in the glorious sunshine. I plan to gather seeds when ripe, so if interested, give me a shout. Not making any promises, but some of the Daylily clumps are also looking suspiciously in need of splitting.
It gives me great pleasure to report that the badgers have returned to my garden, having found a new way round the mine shaft at the back, over the compost heap and through the fernery. There is now a well trodden path between the poppies and the foxgloves, to the back fence behind the Black Alder tree.
It’s quite possible that the giant stick insects Tarzan and Jane have succumbed to last winter, as I’ve searched in vain for any sign of them. However, being masters of camouflage they’re probably crouched in the twigs of the Weigelia thumbing their little stick noses at me.
Remember the big bindweed fiasco, 22 feet long? By the look of things I may be able to beat that this year. I’ll try and remember not to stand on the blasted thing this time. It IS rather disconcerting to find yourself trying to lift your own weight with a length of bindweed stem!
On that happy and slightly ridiculous note, I will leave you for now, although it’s more than likely I’ve forgotten something I meant to mention. Hopefully when I’m properly ‘into’ the garden again, I’ll resume the ‘Friday Night Wurble’. Longstanding members will know what I’m talking about, and it will be great to hear from you. New members, welcome, and you have that pleasure to come. Hehe!
Bye y’all. Catch you soon.

p.s My old shed now has a slight list to port (that’s the left for you non-nautical types. I just list when I’ve been ON the port), but Jenny Wren had no problems nesting behind the clock again this year.

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Lovely blog bumblebee, very entertaining!

If you do get any seeds from your red poppy I would love one please.

2 Jul, 2011


Hi Stickitoffee! Just one?...Might get lost in the bottom of the packet. Not having scales that weigh minute amounts, I resort to a mustard spoon when measuring seeds to send. That should give you a goodly crop. Bbb

2 Jul, 2011


A mustard spoonful would be lovely, thank you, didn't like to be greedy!

2 Jul, 2011


Hello, Bigbumblebee! That was a great blog, very funny! I love the bindweed episode! I'm looking forward to a lovely Wurble!

2 Jul, 2011


Sticki! you could never be greedy, you're much too well mannered!

2 Jul, 2011


I try, you are too kind Libet.

I'm looking forward to the wurble too.

2 Jul, 2011


Good to hear all your news after so long BBB, I've wondered where you'd got too. Glad to hear you haven't disappeared beneath the undergrowth and that you're asserting yourself out in the garden again. Looking forward to your weekly 'wurble' :o)

2 Jul, 2011


Delighted you are back among us Bbb....I have thought about you often...Great blog...H 'summer wine' and H 'frans hals' doing very well too...Looking forward to Friday nights again...:>)

2 Jul, 2011


Nice to see you back, BBB, and lovely blog. I think of you every time I look at my lovely day lilies, Kwanzo, Frans Hals and Summer Wine. They're bloomin' lovely (to coin a phrase). Please think of me again when you split the others - I believe you mentioned 'Bunny Puff' in one of your wurbles?

3 Jul, 2011


Hiya Bbb, long time no see, its good to hear from you again and pleased you are getting out in the garden still, great blog and pics, made me smile thinking of you and the bindweed.
The Daylilies are doing well, had my first flowers on one, looks lovely and keeping a watchful eye on the other, hoping to get some from that one as well,,,
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

17 Jul, 2011


Well as you said new members welcome I am looking forward to your wurble as well- I have never seen one before so it is something to look forward to! If there are any daylilies left when you have supplied all your friends i would love to have one, if that isn't being too cheeky? I could send you some different big red poppy seeds if you like?

22 Jul, 2011

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