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I'm suffering from wind!


Last night’s weather forecast said that the strong and biting south-easterlies we’ve had down here for the past few days would be easing, and there would be almost continuous sunshine.
I thought ‘Good-oh! At last I can get something done in the garden without constantly getting a faceful of dust or else being cut in half by a ’lazy’ wind that goes through you instead of round.’ Yes, I do have sheltered spots, but they aren’t where I want to work! The problem is, my home ( a large residential caravan) is oriented S.E. to N.W. which means that, for the time being, stepping out into my garden is like walking into a fully operational, sunlit wind-tunnel.
It does seem rather incongruous to be wearing a warm fleece jacket in brilliant sunshine, but with the vagaries of Cornish weather, there’s nothing else for it. No doubt it’ll ease up a bit when the tide turns later this afternoon, but until then I can enjoy watching the birds on the feeders and splashing in the birdbath. It’s also a good opportunity to let the imagination run wild. I can visualise how lovely everything will look when all my daylilies are in bloom, along with their new companion plants, which will be joining them as soon as this blasted wind stops blowing and I can get some planting done! I’m really looking forward to that.

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Believe you me, I can tell you about wind. There's no use trying to fight the wind. Many around here have had tree limbs and even whole trees crash into their living rooms. Hunker Down & put on the kettle is all I can say.

15 Apr, 2020


The wind is one thing I can honestly say I detest and I seriously try to never use the word detest for anything.

I just looked it up, and if we could afford a house five times more expensive (which we can't) St Albans is apparently where we all need to be......5 mph average - imagine that!!!!!!

Beautiful photo and you are right, watching the birds bathing and feeding is a joy, gardens will always give you something good, no matter the weather!

15 Apr, 2020


Lovely mix of Day lilies . Shame you could nt form a high hedge of trees to brake the wind. I use to oive in Cornwall so I know how cold and windy it can be .

15 Apr, 2020


We used to live in Cornwall too at one time and it wasn't until we lived there that I had seen rain coming at you sideways because of the wind!

17 Apr, 2020


The front one is a really pretty colour. Quite soft.

18 Apr, 2020


I think we could all talk about the wind all day long! Many people say they are always surprised at the amount of wind we get here. Over the years it has ruined no end of my plants on the balcony it has even brought down the strings I use to hold up the Morning Glories. I think I posted a photo of this a couple of years ago in one of my blogs!

The Daylilies look really good! :)

20 Apr, 2020


Yes lovely day lilies bumblebee, that biting east wind is still with us, ripped right through me on the allotment this evening.

20 Apr, 2020

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