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Bizzie Lizzies, (Impatiens)wall hangers.


Hi, Just a couple of pictures i found today, i was trying to explain to someone the plastic half drainpipe idea recently, well here is a very similar one i did a few years ago.
The first picture shows the pipe, it has just been filled with about 30-35 plants.

Now this one is a few weeks later, the plants are now full size and fill the pipes. Its such a pity i cant find the picture i took from around 10 feet away.

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great idea Bob!

28 Feb, 2011


That's a good idea.

1 Mar, 2011


Ok daft question probably, but hw do you stop the soil falling out of the bottom? and don't you get damp patches on the wall?

1 Mar, 2011


Oh my brother does that, he stands a piece of drainpipe in a basket, when in flower it always looks a treat....

1 Mar, 2011


I think I'll give that a try this year, it looks very effective.
How do you make the holes though? And how does the soil stay in?

1 Mar, 2011


Hi all, The one in the picture was an old supermarket carrier bag dispenser complete with a bottom.
The half drainpipe ones can either be used round, with holes drilled at intervals, then screwed either direct to the wall or onto a piece of wood and attached to the wall, or use Plastic guttering pieces with the brackets you can buy for attaching them to the roof. Again either attach those to a piece of wood or direct to the wall. The bottom of these i drill a hole about an inch from the bottom and put a long nut and bolt across, push in a little wire netting down inside to stop the bottom up, Moss on top of that, bingo no escaping compost but good drainage.The holes are drilled in the sides at whatever size and intervals you like. I bought a special tool from a DIY shop for drilling these (they were originaly made for making holes for wing mirrors etc) they are also good for making holes in wood for nesting boxes, or hanging logs.I insert the plants when they are only small and push around each a little Sphagnum Moss to stop it and soil escaping until the plant grows and fills the hole.Its a good idea to add a little water chrstals to the Compost too.
A lot of work but really worth it, once you have done one its gets easier. Bob

1 Mar, 2011


Added to the list for hubby to do - lol.

1 Mar, 2011

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