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Pictures from my winter holiday.


Hi everyone, I finally have got time to come back online so i thought i’d post some pictures of another driving holiday i had in January, We ended up in the Lake District, The Trossachs, Inverness, Edinburgh, North yorkshire moors and the last night in Royston Vasey (Hadfield) I hope you enjoy. We used my friends newly bought Landrover 101 which is 30years old and slept, cooked in the back in quite cold conditions -7 on the last night. But we survived and had a great time getting lost without using any motorways. We were trying to get a feel for the Landrover and what we would need to do to improve the living conditions for maybe a long driving holiday abroad..
Hopefully now spring has sprung my next set of photographs will actually be of plants in my garden but i hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

My transport awaits


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amazing scenery, how fantastic!

12 Mar, 2012


Is this what they call back to nature, all very lovely but I think I would chicken out when it came to the sleeping

12 Mar, 2012


Good lord bet that was chilly at night's, wild looking scenery.

12 Mar, 2012


It was a little chilly Sharnford, well a lot chilly really, freezing infact ! lol.. I'm so glad i bought a decent sleeping bag.. The sleeping arrangements Stroller were ok until one night at 3am parked down a dark side road in a layby in the middle of nowhere someone or something decided to punch all down the side of the canvas.
It was lovely scenery in Scotland and the Lakes but most of my pictures were taken when driving and are all blurred..I can't wait to do it again but in a warmer climate.

12 Mar, 2012


You've seen some wonderful sights. I'm glad you didn't get frosted on those snowy mountains . Your driving holiday must have been an exciting experiece :o)

12 Mar, 2012


Great pics, Mr. Ding Site ...
... and greetings to European cousin Cara ;o)

13 Mar, 2012


Great photo`s Bill, I like the idea of travelling and staying where the mood takes me but I need my creature comforts so would need a very cosy bed...
Lovely pics ...

13 Mar, 2012


We did get frosted Hywel, a bottle of water beside where i slept was almost frozen solid one morning.
Thanks Terratoonie, Cara Vanne says hi to you too.
We had loads of creature comforts Lincslass, a 2 ring cooker with grill directly ontop of the Lpg tank ;-@. I made some pretty good meals on it really, bent over it with my face almost touching the pans lol. We discovered the only way to heat the back up was when cooking, which sadly didn't work because of the fumes we had to have the windows open so we gave up and just went cold. Our sleeping area was big enough for us both with two 6ft seat cushions and very good arctic sleeping bags. It was surprisingly hard to find quiet lay-bys to stay overnight so we stayed in some very dark and isolated places. I lloved it and would go again tomorrow.

13 Mar, 2012


Glad to know that cousin Cara Van Site is still keeping in touch ;o)

14 Mar, 2012


That looks like one freezing holiday! I do hope you are thawed out now!
Where next, Bill?

8 May, 2012


It was cold when we set off from Manchester and on the last night it was minus 7 Gattina. Unfortunately my friend neglected to tell me to open a flap in the footwell for the heater to work properly for two days lol.... I would like to drive to Germany,Bavaria and Austria next, but my friend has mad ideas of us riding motorbikes to India. I've been to Germany,Bavaria and Austria before but that was many years ago in the forces.

8 May, 2012


I have a friend who biked to India, but I'm not sure he'd ever do it again. I shall ask him about it next time we're in touch!
Done the Germany/Bavaria/Austria touring bit - it's some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. If you do decide to go, we know of a wonderful b&b/hotel just outside Fussen (Perfect English spoken, amazing views - it's near where Steve McQueen's motorbike sequence in "The Great Escape" was filmed - and brilliant hosts)

9 May, 2012


I'm not sure about the India trip because of some of the countries we would have to ride threw before getting there, and we would need quite some time off work.It would be interesting to hear about your friends trip though. I remember you mentioning your touring in Germany etc i think if i mention 'The Great Escape' to my friend his ears will prick up lol.. We aren't planning anything for this year as my house needs a lot doing to it, but were thinking of a longer trip next year or i might go myself. I can't really remember much from my army days except disturbing a wild boar and having to run threw the woods, oh and one of those milka cows running at me. Think we stayed at a place in austria called nesselwang when we went skiing.
I wish we had all the modern cameras and phones then so i could have kept it all for my memory bank.

9 May, 2012

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