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Making the most of the Hail free May day.


I couldn’t wait any longer today so i decided to plant up my climbing petunia’s. I grew these 2 years ago and they were huge around 5ft tall and hid all the pot and frame so hopefully they will do ok this time around.

Because i’ve not got a greenhouse i improvised with some cling film roll to try and keep the cold winds off.

I really need a greenhouse!!!

I know i’ve posted a picture of this little beauty before but everyday new flowers open up and excite me lol

One of the Aquilegia’s i bought yesterday

As it was going dark, these begged for their photo to be taken.

As i walked into the living room these two little beggars were making the most of the millet i’d left on the coffee

Back to working another 5 nights tomorrow, i hope where ever you are the weather shines and you all have a good week!!!

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It would be nice if you had a greenhouse. You'd be able to grow even more things. I haven't got one either - no where to put it. But I use the covered areas each side of the garage instead lol.
I hope your petunias give a good show this year ...

17 May, 2012


Hi Bill ..

Absolutely LOVE the pic of the budgies :o)))

Your plants are looking lovely. Very enterprising way to protect your petunias ... I'm adding the blog to GoYpedia :o)

17 May, 2012


Well I didn't know you could get climbing petunias!

17 May, 2012


Great idea with the cling film, please put a pic on when the Petunias are in flower!

17 May, 2012


It would be lovely to have one Hywell but a new bathroom then a shed is next and then maybe later this year or early next year I'll save and treat myself. Its seems better when you have to dream about things and when you get them it makes it all so much more special. I would hate to win the lottery life must become boring.
Glad you liked the photo of Buster n Bertie Terratoonie they have not to my knowledge ever flown down to the coffee table without me putting them there. I wonder what else they get up to when I'm not looking. Thanks for putting on Goypedia !
They are called Petunia Tidal wave Suzywonkles (name makes me smile). They grow to 6ft high and spread 3ft with masses of flowers which to be honest can be a pain to clear up every day.
I tried to find a picture from when I grew them last time Craftyemma but couldn't so I will post one if they do ok with this crazy weather.

17 May, 2012


Think I might have to look out for those next year, pleased my name makes you smile haha.

17 May, 2012


All those plants look exciting, Bill! I totally agree about waiting for things - what to dream about if everything arrives on a plate? (Might be nice sometimes, though!) Love the budgies! My sister had homing budgies years ago - they used to fly around the neighbourhood and return to the aviary at night! I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of the petunias - I hope they do well for you. I've never seen them grow like that before! The violas are irresistible - I just love them!

18 May, 2012


You should buy some next year Suzywonkles, i think they were £15 for twelve jumbo plugs and a climbing frame, when you think they grow so big they are worth it.
I wish Buster and Bertie were like that Melchisedec as i feel sorry for them in the house flying from one curtain pole to the other, then if i'm out in the garden i feel bad because they are sat in the cage while other birds are flying around.
Hopefully one day i can build them an aviary for the daytime.. The petunias are doing ok and i've taken the cling film off while its hot, i'm just trying to find another pot big enough for the other lot sat patiently in the plastic greenhouses..

23 May, 2012


Looking forward to seeing a photo of your climbing petunias when they are in flower :)

23 May, 2012

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