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newbie, hi to all


i would like to say thanks to “bamboo” for his reply to my question,i have tried several times to grow “fuchsias” it just seems that it is a very awkward project ,but i will succeed eventualy (im a 72 year old retiree with lots of spare time) thanks for listening

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Hi billyeff and welcome

The people on here are very friendly, helpful and welcoming. A nice way to 'get to know' people is by reading and posting on their blogs.

Why don't you let us know what you are up to in your garden? Perhaps post some photos if you are good with technology! I say that because if you look at my 'avatar'
photo it's pretty dire (it wasn't meant for that purpose but that's where it's gone - Hey Ho.....).


12 Sep, 2017


Hello Billyeff and welcome to Goy, Bamboo is actually a lady but I know from past experience that she has been mistaken before as being a man and also finds it funny.
If you browse through the blogs you'll find lots of members growing Fuschia's but the man to go to, who I think grows more than any of us and certainly has the magic touch is Hywel, take a look through his blogs, of course thats not all he grows as you'll discover. Enjoy browsing the pages Billy and I hope you enjoy Goy as much as I always have done, lots of interesting and delightful gardens to explore without leaving your armchair...

12 Sep, 2017


Growing fuchsias from cuttings is a lot easier and more reliable than from seed - have a go in the spring!

12 Sep, 2017


Hi Billyeff and welcome to Goy. Hywel is definitely your man for Fuschias. Look forward to seeing some of your photos although the season is coming to an end soon we still chat.

13 Sep, 2017


Welcome from me also Billyeff

13 Sep, 2017


Welcome from me too.
I've got lots of Fuchsias but I've never grown them from seeds.
I did think of doing some crosses myself but I haven't had the time. Maybe next year :)
Good luck with your seeds. You will succeed ...

13 Sep, 2017


Welcome and do post some news, pictures or just tell us a bit about yourself on your 'about me' page.
I'm sure that after 72 years you will have lots of experience and now have time to spend on the gardening and experimenting with the Fuschias.
Some of the people on GOY are real 'old hands' at this gardening lark and others have just discovered the addiction of it, I think you will find that all are welcome and offer their own take on different aspects, so any questions usually find someone with the knowledge to answer.
I know you can 'Google' just about anything these days, but it's nowhere near as much fun as GOY!

13 Sep, 2017


The thing to remember about Fuchsias is that they are mostly part shade loving plants.
Always think where each plant grows in the wild.
If they are woodland plants they thrive in shade.
If they grow in open meadows they are sun loving plants.

14 Sep, 2017


Hello and welcome from me too. I found this site just over a year ago and it has been brilliant. So much help, information and support. I hope we see more of you and you keep us updated on your progress on growing fuschias from seed and other parts of your garden Jen

14 Sep, 2017


Greetings, Billyeff. This is a lovely, heart-warming site where one can learn a lot about gardening, and about fellow members. :O)

I have been made to feel welcome even though I am not an expert gardener; more of a garden observer/critic!!

I do like Fuchsias and echo Lincslass's advice: Hywel is the Fuchsia expert.

14 Sep, 2017


And Cactus too.

16 Sep, 2017

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