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catching up

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well as you can see by the pictures we have been regular visitors to the local garden centre, and the shopping channel (good old Richard Jackson) we now have strawberry and tomatoes on the go in hanging baskets, my rusty diy skill needed a polish putting up all those baskets, took me two hrs to find the drill.
the rest of the garden has been attacked by me and my two compost bins are full, I needed the use of bindweed killer on some of it, one of the benefits of gardening and using compost bins is the small amount of rubbish i put out for the bin men and my green bin is redundant we have two dogs and any left overs from meals they have,(not that we leave much) the kitchen bin for the leftovers is now my bin for composting from the kitchen and the large waste bin holds my pea gravel ,i just have to find something to do with the green bin , might grow spuds next year in it.
watering is the big job at the moment even though they keep saying its going to rain, always somewhere else .
well we seem to be up to date so close for now , o one benefit not mentioned is my weight i am nearly one stone lighter which makes my wife happy (i am a big boy )

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Nice that you are making good use of those bins. Congratulations on losing the weight :o) It isn't an easy thing to do.

6 Jul, 2011

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