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End of July (another month passed)Freebies dedicated to Valadel.


By bjs


Another look around the garden as it is today,nothing out of the usual but becoming more colourful again.

Shown this one before but now excelling its self

Heleniums in containers

as above

Dahlia a freebie from Parkers

as above

These are a few of a collection I bought on E bay last December as single rosettes,worked out about 80 pence each

This is Daphne x Schlyteri ‘July Glow’last seen a month or so ago in a pot .Nice surprise to have a flower on it this small

Crocosmia Lucifer fantastic flower ,wish they did not fall over.

as above

Corydalis Wilsonii

Does have a name on label !

Fuschia does have a name on label !


Begonia Freebie from Parkers

Astilbe ‘Sprite’

Update on the pond my fisher boy has not caught it yet.(the boy with his rod is on a previous blog)

Flowers given by one of my sons for our 53 wedding anniversary

The nearest this gets to gardening is that it was once an English Oak tree.
That said I made it for my eldest son in 1963 it was also used by my younger son and my grandchildren recently it was recovered from my sons attic for me to restore ie strip down and re polish before my first great grand son arrives some time in September.Have always liked working in wood although not my trade.
Just thought you might like to see something not made China.

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What a lovely blog Brian and congrats on your anniversary. I love the first fuchsia, wow what a picture ! The heleniums look great, and the little Daphne too. Love the cradle. Back then we used to make things more than they do today. The Sempers were a good buy weren't they. Pleased to see Jamie.

31 Jul, 2012


Oh, Brian! It's all looking superb. That's a lovely collection of sempervivums and I particularly like the Astilbe 'Sprite' and the fuchsias. You are skilled to have made the cradle; what a lovely heirloom. I wonder how many more generations will be rocked therein.

31 Jul, 2012


Your plants look so healthy Brian.
Love all the Fuchsias & the Semps. That Corydalis wilsonii has amazing leaves.
But my fav as always is that beautiful fluffy one in the middle of the lawn :-)

31 Jul, 2012


What a great amount of colour the Bjs. I too particularly like that Corydalis.
Congrats on your first great grandson when he comes - I'm sure your hard work and dedication on the cradle is much appreciated. Your skills are incredible. A lovely family heirloom.
Thank you for brightening up the day with colour :)

31 Jul, 2012


i was in love with your blog BJS very beautiful :-))))))))

1 Aug, 2012


Brian, I just thought recently that you did not write any blog " around the garden" for several weeks and I honestly missed it on the GoY, as you are the gardener with capital "G". Your fuchsias are wonderful and Helenium in beds too. Your last photo moved me. What a beautiful family thing. And your perfect work, as usual. Real happinnes is when someone can carve cradles and toys for his own children, isnĀ“t it? I wish you to rock your grand grand child in it very soon :))

1 Aug, 2012


Lovely blog bjs, love all your plants but that first fuschia is just amazing, never seen so many flowers on one plant before!!!!!!
Love the cradle, lovely that its still being used after all these years,clever you its beautiful :-))

1 Aug, 2012


Great blog Bjs...Wonderful flowers and the baby cradle is beautiful well done you!!....Hi Jamie..:>)

1 Aug, 2012


lovely flowers and that fuschia in first pic if a beauty, lots of colour in your garden at the moment.
lovely jamie enjoying the garden to.
super cradle, your very good with wood lol, hope it gets lots more use over the years :o))

1 Aug, 2012


Hello Brian, I have just noticed better that Fuchsia on the 7th picture from the bottom. Very nice colour. What is its name? And how do you make Fuchsias to be so rich in flowers?

2 Aug, 2012


Hey what's all this then Brian.... you just showing off 'cos you got some freebies and I didn't !
Mind, they are lovely freebies, as for the fuschia they are magnificent !

Belated congrats on you wedding anniversary, Pauline has done well to put up with you all these years. LOL

Well done on the cradle it is beautiful and am sure it will be treasured for many more years .
Lovely photo's as usual. x

2 Aug, 2012


Brian-lovely Daphne.My 'Lucifer' stays up right all the tim,but doesn't flower anything like yours-very nice.

3 Aug, 2012


Phil. I am pleased with the Daphne not sure if it will out grow the trough.
Lucifers go tall here because there are so many trees,not unusual for them to be between 4 and 5 ft high

3 Aug, 2012


Your garden is so much further on than mine Brian. We have had so much rain too. Happy to look at your lovely blooms tho'. :o)

5 Aug, 2012


Loved this Blog of your plants, Oooo! That first pic of the fuschia is Stunning and so all your plants are, lovely fish too.
Lovely cradle you made all those years ago, now to be used again once you have restored it, my husband is a cabinet maker by trade and he thought it looked good.
Hope you enjoyed you're Wedding Anniversary Wow! 53yrs.
xx Jackie xx

7 Aug, 2012


excellent flowers!! Our crocosmia consisted of one blade and 2 flowers ! flowers have failed me terribly this year - you have a lovely display - congratulations on anniversary too. Great work and nice to be made in Britain. What a sweet dog and lovely fish :-))

15 Aug, 2012

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