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Feel i need to pass this on to fellow dog owners Beef Jerky bought from B&M is thought to be making dogs seriously ill it has come from China and is injected with some chemical.Vets have apparently passed this information on to the authorities but is not known how long it will take B&M to clear there shelves I do not normally give jamie Jerky but this year he had two lots given him as presents
It has been binned as there is know way of knowing where it originated with out the packing.
this information has come to me second hand so can’t vouch for it but not taking any chances.

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Yes, best safe than sorry. Good that you've alerted others to the possible dangers!

29 Dec, 2016


Thanks Brian...
Yes... better safe than sorry... I never give my dogs food items from China and other Eastern countries. Also not safe to give dogs chews which have been dyed bright colours as these also can be dangerous.

The following is a facebook post from 20th August 2016 ...

Don't give your dogs any food bought in B&M i.e beef jerky,dog treats etc made in China. Vet has had to put 2 dogs down in last 2 weeks as these foods are injected with something that destroys their kidneys! Vet has put a report in but may take time to have stuff removed from shelves. Tell everyone you know with a dog.

29 Dec, 2016


Brian thankyou for this info, I saw an article a few months back about this problem, some people actually lost their pets, it stated that it was to do with the dye they use for colouring, Brynner has problems so we have to be careful with anything he eats, wouldn't chance anything from any of the cheaper outlets, our pets are too precious and vets bills are too dear to take chances...

29 Dec, 2016


Oh dear, whatever next? kind of you to post this Brian.....

29 Dec, 2016


Don't buy any food imported from China for animal or human. Thank you for the warning.

29 Dec, 2016


Thank you everyone. I will pass this onto dog owners I
meet out in the street.

30 Dec, 2016


Thanks Brian, these heartless suppliers, terrible

30 Dec, 2016

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