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We have a garden of reasonable size situated in quite a large village, there are also many fields nearby.
We have been working hard on the garden but still have lots to do. This summer 2009 should be the best yet!
We have got loads of seeds in so fingers crossed.

We have a dog Roscoe who is 13. He has his own separate little garden area round the side of the house which is limestoned so if he goes to the toilet it can be picked up immediately and washed each week with disinfectant and a hose.
Kids have two rabbits which are in the pictures, these are half hare! Which we didn't realise on buying them. They too have their own area and run and can not get through to our big garden and will not be permitted to at any cost!!Otherwise all plants and flowers will disappear in five seconds.
The garden is full of hedgehogs all spring and summer, the last ones still being seen last November, early December. We have two hedghog houses situated under dense bushes and in corners.
There are loads of birds, especially goldfinches and many blackbirds - hence the name.
The only problem to me is that we have a resident sparrowhawk who preys on anything that moves, the other week taking a huge wood pidgeon in mid flight above our heads and frightening our little boy! I have tried to chase him off many times, especially in spring when the baby birds are about. We also have to be extra careful with the rabbits.
We have also had a squirrel last spring and summer but not seen him since. He takes a few nuts and thats it, he isn't a problem and I liked having him despite what people say. Just hoping he will be back this year.

Anyway hoping to have better and more professional photos of my plants as the year wears on and the weather warms up.

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