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Roundhay Park Leeds..


By bloomer


Making the most of the weather on Friday,we decided to take the short journey to this park.It is many years since we visited,so thought it would be nice to find out about the history,of somewhere so close to home,
so here goes.
It is one of the biggest city parks in Europe,and originally ,it was a hunting park.It was granted to the De Lacy family,during the 13th century,by William The Conqueror ,for his loyalty to the king.It passed in succession,eventually,to Henry 1V…In 1871, it was put up for sale,and bought for £ 139.000,by a group,and then purchased by Leeds city council for the same amount,and given to the people of Leeds as a Park.
We walked about 4 miles,and more or less saw the things of interest.
These lovely daffodils were the first welcome sight,at the entrance.

On to the little canal,with its water fountain and statue.
Not much in flower at the moment,but a few seasonal plants.In the summer,the long flower beds along one side of it,are beautiful,mainly perennials.

Onwards to the Tropical World.This has Aquariums, a Butterfly house,a Nocturnal house,and the largest tropical plant collection outside of Kew Gardens.Many bird and reptiles live freely inside.There are also Meerkats,who have bred successfully.We didn’t go in,as it was too nice to be inside.

Just look at what we saw outside..aren’t they just lovely?
Lemurs…those big eyes..:o))

These are Snow capped Tamarins,so cute..

Moving on,past the immaculate box hedging,towards the Specialist Gardens.

The Monet garden hadn’t much to show at the moment,but the Alhambra garden has the fountains.I think we will have to visit these again later in the year.

This is the start of the longest part of our walk,passing the Mansion House,and going through the vast parkland.
We decided against having a coffee here,as the sight of the waitresses in their traditional black and white uniform,carrying silver trays and bone china crockery,made us think we would need a long term loan Lol. We had a quick look in their gift shop..that was enough.!!

This is the walk towards Waterloo Lake.On the right,is the natural hollow,converted into a sports Arena,overlooked by a mound known as Hill 60,so named to commemorate Leeds soldiers who died in the First World War,in battles around Hill60,near Ypres.This area can hold 100.000 people,and is the venue for many large concerts.Michael Jackson,Rolling Stones,Madonna,Bruce Springstein,to name a few,and there is a Party in the Park,pop concert every summer.

There is also a very dark,tragic piece of History to this park.In 1976,Peter Sutcliffe,The Yorkshire Ripper,murdered one of his many victims,and attempted the murder of another one.He took the life of another one in our town too,so a part of History that will be forever remembered.
On a lighter note,we have arrived at the Lakeside cafe,where we finally were able to sit and relax,have a nice coffee and a buttered scone..very welcome too,and to sit in the sunshine,overlooking the Lake,was so peaceful.

Oh well,time to make our way back.we took a different route,by walking round the lake,but it was so big,Russell said we would take a short cut,to come out by the Mansion house..bad idea..we had to go up a really steep grassy banking.! I was almost on my knees by then.,but he waited for me..,very gallant.!
on the other hand,we wouldn’t have seen this little chap,who was quite happy to sit and pose for us ..:o)

It was a lovely day out,although tiring,but I have enjoyed learning something about a familiar park,I knew nothing about.Hope you enjoy it too..

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Wonderful walk B. what a lovely place & great history, you will have to go back later on and show us the summer beds, bet they will be spectacular! No wonder the squirrel looks perky with such a great place to live!!

27 Mar, 2011


Fantastic day out Sandra, lovely pictures. I would have been exhausted too.

27 Mar, 2011


Thanks Grandmage,we just take for granted,what we have on our doorstep ,don't we? We used to take our daughter when she was young,to the play area and Tropical house.and that was about it...

glad you enjoyed it,Cinders,thank you..:o)

27 Mar, 2011


what a lovely blog and delightful place [despite some of its dark history] and the fact that it has connections with william the conqueror ~ he finished off harold godwin and i was a godwin!!!
i love those tiny fountains, the daffodils are glorious and the tamarins ~ seems like it has something for everyone ~ glad you found a cafe!!!

27 Mar, 2011


i wanted to nominate this to go on the bit of GoY that has places to visit but i dont know how to do that.
ive put it in my favourites.

27 Mar, 2011


Thanks,just see what you could have inherited! Lol.The daffs were lovely,and a shame the crocus were just finishing,that would have been even nicer.We will definitely go again in the summer,as its only a 20 minute trainride to Leeds,then a 10minute bus ride to the Park.all that for a £1 each! hooray for concessionary travel..:o)))
I'm not sure either,Sticki,but thank you for adding to your favourites,much appreciated...x

27 Mar, 2011


£1 each?????!!!!!!!! thats fantastic ~ even better ~ i went there free ~ thanks to you!!!!!!
thank you again ~ so pleased you put this on here!

27 Mar, 2011


Beautiful blog and photos Bloomer, do you know I have never been to Roundhay Park, thats disgusting, and nearly living on its doorstep.

27 Mar, 2011


What a lovely day out Sandra, must say I have never heard of Roundhay Park before, looks a lovely place to visit in summer too. Those Daffodils are a beautiful sight, hope you quoted William Wordsworth as you were gazing at them lol I think Russell should have given you a Piggy Back up that steep bank then he would have been a real Hero like the knights of old!!
Maybe we will get chance to visit in the summer, would be lovely to have picnic in front of that Mansion House;0))

27 Mar, 2011


have you been watching the hairy bikers Pp, sort of place they would have their picnic,

27 Mar, 2011


Well Val hope they are not there when we go, I dont really like them lol

27 Mar, 2011


I find them quite amusing at times Pp, I'm sure they won't be there,

27 Mar, 2011


sticki, to nominate all you do is click above, the other end of likes,

27 Mar, 2011


yes i found that bit but i couldnt find where to nominate to ~ i wanted it for places to visit but i couldnt find that??

27 Mar, 2011


I'll take a look, see what you mean, why not ask terratoonie,

27 Mar, 2011


My son and family live in Leeds must mention this to them, not sure they have been here they go to Hyde Park quite often its near them, didn't realise they had animals! The grandchildren would love that. Leeds is a great city my daughter in law is always going to something thats on there, from Caribbean food festivals to rock concerts, markets etc., always seems to be something on. Enjoyed that blog Bloomer lovely pictures and informative too :o)

27 Mar, 2011


Looks a lovely place to visit... lovely pics...

27 Mar, 2011


lovely walk sandra, such a huge place and lovely pic to, thanx for showing us :o))

27 Mar, 2011


Its gorgeous Sandra and love that water part and the cute Lemurs, love the daffodils too, been to Leads many a time but never seen this son in laws hiding it from me hehe they can find their way in to Leeds but can't getting out lol Yorkshire born and bred too hehe.

27 Mar, 2011


Thanks Yorkshire.we hadn't been for about 20 years,
so we thought it time to visit would enjoy it,and it is quite flat for don't HAVE to walk up a steep banking ! grrr.
I remember it being lovely in the summer, would love it..A piggy back? Can you picture that? I really don't want to !!! lol.
Sewingkiller..I'm sure your son will know it,there is such a lot goes on there,and Leeds is a great city,but we only seem to use it as a connection to visit somewhere else.,but we know the train and bus stations like a local.:o)) Thank you ...
Cheers Holly and was great.You could easily spend a full day there,its so big...
Thanks is a big city,and so many different suburbs,so its a bit of a nightmare finding your way to one of them,unless you know it really well.Glad you enjoyed it though,and luckily there is a bus every 10 minutes to the park,so that was ok.

28 Mar, 2011


Lol Sandra that them just driving in and out of the town not any suburbs, but interesting to know about the times of the busses will remember that thanks.

28 Mar, 2011


Number 12 bus every 10 minutes 6d...:o)

29 Mar, 2011


Thank you Bloomer shall look out next time I m up there.

29 Mar, 2011


What a fantastic park, Bloomer. I love the water and the fountains, and lemurs are a favourite with us, too. Many thanks for all the info and lovely pics.

4 Apr, 2011


How eerie that you should be reading this,when I have just been reading yours,about the pond ,statue..and Shirley's pet hates,..Muscari !
So glad they have a new home..:o).Thank you for your nice comment...

4 Apr, 2011

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