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Baby,it's cold outside !


By bloomer


A bitterly cold day, and around lunchtime,it started to snow again ! A lot of places around our area are still struggling with the aftermath of Friday’s snow,so we are lucky down in the valley,that this is minimal ,in comparison..
Front garden view

Back garden..

These plants should be happy,now they are all indoors, and keeping snug :o)

I hope you are all keeping warm today too.We won’t be going anywhere today.! x

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A dusting of snow does look attractive..hope that's all you had.
Your houseplant collection looks very well cared for...

28 Nov, 2021


I'm glad your plants are safely out of that dreadful weather Sandra. I hope the snow clears soon for you.
We haven't got any here and it's been raining this evening.

28 Nov, 2021


We had three hours of snow.Julia. so it's going to be treacherous underfoot tomorrow.Thankyou,and yes, the plants are well cared for,as I want to keep them for next year.I kept my old Growhouse frame to overwinter them..x

28 Nov, 2021


The snow looks pretty in your garden Bloomer. Hopefully you will not get more than this.

28 Nov, 2021


So much structure in your borders, Bloomer. The snow dusting really shows it off. No snow here today, but some yesterday morning. Your indoor plants look very tidy.

28 Nov, 2021


Glad you haven't got any snow Hywel, as I know you don't like it ,and the rain would be preferable here too.!

Your white Penstemon,'ArcticFox',is the tallest plant on the window sill. It also has some pink Carnations still with buds,which I took cuttings of,from a bunch of flowers,and repotted to bring indoors.but I'm not sure if they will flower again next year,worth a try though :o)..

28 Nov, 2021


I can see it and pleased it's doing well x ...

28 Nov, 2021


So am I ,Hywel,and I am amazed how tall it grew,from a tiny rooted cutting. It's definitely one of my favourites. I'm hoping I can get some cuttings from it too.Thank you once again :o) x

28 Nov, 2021


pleased you have avoided it Hywel as I know you do not like it.

Our snow layer hasn't given all day and very treacherous underfoot. The pond has a layer of ice too.

28 Nov, 2021


Thank you Ange.That's the best way to see snow,looking at it through a window ! lol.Let's hope it doesn't last long,but sadly, it's given it to be the coldest night,so we will be staying put tomorrow . I do pretty well overwintering tender plants in the Conservatory,so hope this coming year is no exception .

28 Nov, 2021


It looks treacherous here too,Eileen. I'm glad I haven't to struggle to get to work anymore,and feel for those who have,especially the children trying to get to School on the buses around here,as most are either up or down steep hills ! :o(

28 Nov, 2021


It's making me feel cold just looking at your pictures Sandra, but it does look pretty with the snow! Only from inside though in the warmth! lol
We had a thick frost yesterday morning and just light sprinklings of snow.
I hope your weather improves a bit! Countryfile last night said it is going to be a bit milder but cold again at the weekend.
You really wanted to know that , didn't you! Haha!
Take care and keep warm!

29 Nov, 2021


It's still looking very wintery here,Rose,and it isn't even melting on the roofs yet,so we must all be well insulated around here :o) Someone has cleared the short steep road,to be able to get up to a main road.We won't be trying it out though !
Our Bird bath needs de-icing again too..hang on,just need to shout for Russell to get his coat on ! ha ha
No signs of 'Cyril' this morning,and still plenty of Hearts still in the feeder.
Aw your poor Blackie, it's so hard to win against the starlings ,but luckily,we hardly ever see any here,so ours soon finds it's food under a shrub,or on the wall.:o)

Glad it isn't too bad where you are,Rose, and thanks for the heads up for later in the week ! ha ha..
Take care,and love to Rick.. xx

29 Nov, 2021


It does look so very pretty Sandra and yet I hope it warms up for you soon. The plants in your conservatory look lovely and will thrive out there.

29 Nov, 2021


I hope so too,Chris,even if it's only enough to shift the snow..It is thawing more now,so hopefully by tomorrow it is going to warm up ,according to the weather forecast. Thank you,the old growhouse has come in very handy to overwinter the plants,and I almost threw it away ,before I had a 'Eureka ' moment,and asked Russell to store it in the loft,well,I AM a Yorkshire lass ,so it goes without saying ..ha ha. x

29 Nov, 2021


Thanks Sandra! I have said" hello" to Rick for you!
I have put that feeder for the blackie under a shrub near his usual bird bath. He always goes to the same one and no starlings yesterday!

30 Nov, 2021


Although, like Hywel, I don't like the snow - being out in it for more than a couple of minutes at least - I do like to see it covering everything! I especially like to see it through a window in a warm house!

Fortunately we haven't see even a flake around here! we had been forecast some but it never arrived! 😃

We did have a hard frost on Monday butt hat was as close as we came to having a white blanket covering everything!

I have some Nasturtiums in the white troughs on the balcony, (right up against the the chicken wire I used to close in the balcony so our little doggies couldn't get out - 20 years ago!) & they are poking outside onto the grass in front of our balcony. I had left them in when I took out the rest of the plants as they were still flowering nicely & I had no plans of putting anything in their place. Would you believe they not turned up so much as a leaf at the frost! 😱

30 Nov, 2021


Thanks for saying 'Hello'to Rick from us Rose. I wish we could meet up again sometime,it would be lovely :o)

The Blackbirds soon cotton on to where their food is,don't they? Ours stand on a side wall,just waiting ,which is where I sprinkle some,away from the other feeders at the other side of the garden, and I also put some under a Pieris next to the wall :o) x

30 Nov, 2021


That's how I like to see snow,Balcony,from a Window ! You were lucky not to get any .We didn't really get much of a frost,which to me,is worse than the snow.
All gone today,and it's been quite mild..

Your Nasturtiums are surviving well,and so are my Pelargoniums which are still looking good in a front border !Just the same as yours,they haven't been affected at all yet. I hadn't intended to pot those up this year.I have taken cuttings,so it doesn't matter if they die off..

30 Nov, 2021


A very attractive display indoors, Sandra! They do look very snuggly and happy there!
Have to agree with you - I do prefer to be looking outdoors at snow from the inside!

30 Nov, 2021


Like the others I was impressed with your pretty arrangement of plants in the conservatory. Those plastic greenhouse shelves are so useful aren't they? I have some too but they are more utility than yours - nobody could call them pretty.... Looking at the snow pictures of those who live further north its very clear how much milder winters are than they used to be! But come to think of it, we are only in November still - plenty of time for snowdrifts yet!
(sorry, sorry...)

Sandra your blog reminds me- when I was a little lass, about 5 I think, my Dad wanted to go up to see the aerials at the top of Slaithwaite and stopped to ask the way. We had a small very second hand 8 horsepower Ford and the old chap looked us and the car over: "Waaay - art'a goin up theer, i That?" he said. Well we did and all was well...but we laughed about it many a time.

30 Nov, 2021


Yes it would be nice Sandra! One day maybe! I asked Rick if he remembered you both and he does!

1 Dec, 2021


Thank you Sue,I'm glad I didn't get rid of the old growhouse,it's been invaluable fo overwintering plants and cuttings,also for seed sowing later on.

Oh,how I remember that walk up to the masts,as we called them,and you must have gone past the little cottage we lived in ,as you drove up .It was recommended by our GP,that my mum took me up there ,after I had whooping cough,so I get get some fresh air,which was lacking in the valley, for the pollution, smog etc from the Mill chimneys. I was only about 4/5 years old,and it was such a long climb,but we did it.
Your Yorkshire dialect interpretation is very impressive ,and spot on ! I recognised every word ! Lol.

Oh my,you had a car ?? sheer luxury for you and your dad then ? Shanks Pony for us ! .ha ha.

2 Dec, 2021


Aw,glad Rick remembered us ,Rose..once seen,never forgotten comes to mind ! lol .We had a fun day at Brigg Garden Centre,and a nice lunch,didn't we? .We haven't been for a long time now,as we don't drive over the Lincolnshire Wolds these days. Russell not keen on driving long distances these days,especially via the M62..!

2 Dec, 2021


Sandra we hadn't had the car long. We had a concessionary petrol allowance, something to do with my grandma's health.I don't know how my Dad afforded it to tell you the truth. Fancy us driving past your house! Well you would certainly get plenty of fresh air up there! Re the accent, I grew up with it all around me. Whenever I answer the phone here people know who I am immediately - I don't sound very Welsh... ei bah gum I doan't... Funnily enough I don't remember anything else about that trip. We might even have passed you!

2 Dec, 2021


Thats a shame Sandra! I don't like driving on motorways anymore!

3 Dec, 2021

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