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Change of Scenery. !


By bloomer


In view of this very hot weather,we ,or should I say, I suggested a swap around for the time being..!

All the pots have now been moved against a North facing wall,and we have moved our Chairs and Table,and much needed Umbrella on to the Gravel,so having a coffee with a different view maded a nice change this morning.

I do sometimes come up with a solution on occasions, even if OH obliged in moving all the heavy pots,and I ‘helped’ moving the lighter weight ones. Lol.

I just hope he is happy moving them back,when this heatwave ends..!
Take care,and stay cool and safe.. . xxx

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Looking pretty, Bloomer.

18 Jul, 2022


Thank you Feverfew, let's hope we can say the same,after the heatwave is over,it's unbearable at the moment, so we came back indoors,not long after I'd taken the Photo's.

18 Jul, 2022


Can you believe I've put the garden umbrella up over some of my more vulnerable plants? I don't have a shady area and I never thought I'd wish I had. Yours look happy in their shady home, they might not want to move back lol!
Looking at your table, I'm sure I see a glass rather than a coffee cup.
Richard and I are sitting indoors, far too hot πŸ”₯.

18 Jul, 2022


Yes I can,Julia !,and I'm sure your plants will appreciate it. What a shame you have no shaded area in your garden.We are lucky,in that ours is East/West facing, one of the reasons we chose this particular one,as our last house was the same.
We have been sitting indoors since we had lunch at the front,till the sun crept around,so we will be staying put for a while yet.. and your eyes deceive you my dear, there is R's man mug,and a dainty cup for me.. ! Lol.Whatever made you think it was anything other than coffee ?? Lol

It really is a scorcher,so not looking forward to tomorrow either ! :o( x

18 Jul, 2022


What a lovely arrangement, perhaps you will leave it for a bit longer. Our chairs are under the shade of the beech tree in the afternoon, but full sun during the day.
I had to move plants out of the greenhouse as it is well over 45 degrees.

18 Jul, 2022


Even in the shade today 32 degrees is too hot for us. We’re sitting indoors with a fan blowing a blissful breeze!

18 Jul, 2022


Thank you Eileen,and yes,they will be staying there for awhile,as they will probably last much longer,in the shade. I used to put them there,when we went on Holiday's ,and they were always ok.Luckily,my next door neighbour is an avid gardener,so he can water all those for me,from the other side of the wall,how good is that ? Lol. I do hope your Greenhouse plants will be ok too.

18 Jul, 2022


Ditto,Sheila..! We are still indoors with a fan blowing too.We still daren't open the patio door into the Conservatory.and it's 4.20pm.and it still feels like a furnace in there,even though the sun has passed over to the front of the house..It's still reading similar here..33 degrees !
Not nice is it,? to put it mildly !

18 Jul, 2022


Good idea Sandra!
Very hot here and apart from some pots, mainly a huge pot with Rudbeckias and dwarf dahlia, which is far to heavy to move, so needs watering twice a day!
I grew too many and in the end planted them all together in the pot!

18 Jul, 2022


I think we are all indoors and blogging! Stay hydrated and safe.

18 Jul, 2022


I have to say, this heatwave has made me seriously think again about what I will have in pots next year.
It's just after 6 o'clock here and still blisteringly hot. I have got the windows all closed, including the French doors. Curtains closed and a couple of fans going.
I'm not looking forward to trying to sleep tonight :-(

18 Jul, 2022


Rose,I know the feeling,re heavy pots ! I'm very tempted to leave them there,as they aren't in the way at all,although I'd still like something to look at on the gravel,from the Conservatory,apart from the Borders....

Never satisfied,are we ? lol . I could just have the lightweight pots there, mmm,there's a thought ! lol.
Siris,that's what I've been doing most of the afternoon, and we will all hopefully, be keeping well Hydrated ..It's still too hot ,to even contemplate being outside..It will be much later before I decide to water all the pots tonight. :o(.
Julia,it does make you wonder,if we need to start changing to plants that can cope with this,but we will have to hope it's a one off.
Still the same here at 7pm,and almost unbearable.All blinds,Windows still closed,and fan on.. I wonder if any of us will get to sleep tonight ? Just seen our temps are set to be 106 degrees on Look North tomorrow..Yikes !! x

18 Jul, 2022


It's also been an extremely hot day here as well! πŸ’₯ We closed all windows & doors & closed all the curtains at 10am today, doesn't seem to have made much difference!

I've been misting my plants in the kitchen, where the thermometer says 28C, all day!

For once in a 'Blue moon' today I've resorted to wearing a pair of shorts all day! We have the fan on & it sweeps over my back every 30 seconds but doesn't make a whole lot of difference!

We had 38C here today & tomorrow we are forecast 40-41C! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ We'll all melt away!

There is no respite from the sun on our balcony once it starts to enter about 11am, it doesn't leave again till it sets! Which reminds me as the sun was on the horizon it became a fiery red ball!!! An omen for what to expect tomorrow???

18 Jul, 2022


None of us seem to have escaped this horrendous heat,Balcony,and we didn't find closing all the curtains,blinds and windows,made a lot of difference either Although,I guess if we hadn't.we would have soon noticed how much worse it would have been .!
My OH is living in shorts at the moment too,Balc,so you aren't on your own :o)
Never mind, one more day of this,then we can breathe a sigh of relief..we hope !

18 Jul, 2022


You still have so much colour, Bloomer, so cheery. We've both been wearing shorts today as well but the reflection off the pale white legs is blinding!
I, too, have been wondering about changes to types of plants we might need to try - bought a book on tropical-looking gardens in the New Year so will return to reading that. I can't stand all the flopping and collapsing. I wonder if cottage gardens might become rarer and rarer in certain parts of the country before too long.

19 Jul, 2022


I've moved as much as I can down to the shade of our apple tree Sandra, luckily I had already done that before this darn virus got me, I know I'm the only one admiring them now but at least they are living, I'm not going to do any baskets or pots for the back garden next year, they were struggling even before this heatwave, we've hardly had any rain this year at all..Guess the next project for me will be a prairie garden, lol...Your pots and garden always look pretty Sandra and the new arrangement is

19 Jul, 2022


Thank you Ange,it has proved to be a wise move..for once ! lol.and it made me laugh about the blinding white legs .been there,done that. Lol. Although I have been a bit more sedate this year,and worn a strappy sundress instead :o)
I tend to agree,about Cottage gardens might sadly be a thing of the past, at some point.,which would be so sad. x

19 Jul, 2022


Sorry,Sue,I had posted a reply to you on my last blog,so we must have crossed. I blame this weather !! Lol .We hit the 35 mark in our area,according to the local forecast at lunchtime, so after a brief spell in the shade before lunch,we are back indoors, fan on,and hibernating behind closed Curtains,and in case you wondered,I am not a Curtain Twitcher ! Lol...
Thank you for your lovely comments,and it does make you think whether or not to change to different planting in future.. I would so hate to do that, as I love seeing all the colour in Summer..
At least you managed tomove some of your plants before you got Covid.
We will be ok next year.. :o) .xx

19 Jul, 2022


A good move, Sandra! All looks very pretty, you've definitely protected your plants well! We had a scorching few days here..we reached an intolerable zaps all energy and is exhausting.
Cooler today and tomorrow but I see temps are back up to mid to high 20s from Saturday.

21 Jul, 2022


Thank you Kate,it proved to be worth it,and it feels good to have had cooler weather today..I think the temps got to 39 at it's worst,so like you, it felt exhausting..mid 20's I can cope with, and we had a few very light showers this afternoon,but at least it was better than nothing..:o) .

21 Jul, 2022


Sandra I have to change something to try and protect my Acers, as you know we had to cut down the old conifers, they not only looked bad I used to worry in case they became dangerous, consequently we lost a huge amount of shade and the acers lost their protection, poor trees are shriveling up, not surprised with all the heat and the extra strong winds we've been getting, our bottom lawn is darn near non existant this year along the side of my raised bed, so I'm thinking of removing some of it to create a pathway, which will enable me to move the acers further down, closer to that huge hawthorn hedge, plus the big shed in the corner will be act as a windbreak as well, hubby will "go mental " I'm not telling him my plans, I'll just do it, less lawn to cut in the
Temperature wise we beat you Sandra, not bragging though, praying we don't get them again, I simply cannot take it anymore, I'm getting old, once it reaches the 20's, I hide in my shady places around the garden or retreat indoors these days, those temps were absolutely unbearable weren't they, some of the plants didn't stand a chance, hubby tried his hardest with the watering but he suffers with his breathing on normal days, I think I would have struggled with my breathing even without that darn virus...

21 Jul, 2022


Hi Sandra, I did just the same. All.pots gathered together in the afternoon shaded area, hopefully away from the heat and they seemed to have done very well considering.
It's the garden that hasn't! I've been clipping back like mad!
Your garden looks lovely with all your pretty pots. Do like your parasol. I've ordered myself a new one, and done very well prisewise..:))

23 Jul, 2022


Sue,you have done a lot of thinking on how to make your garden much easier for you,and I hope you won't try to do too much at once,it sounds like a mammoth task !
But,I know you won't be happy till you get it as you want it..:o)
That heat wasn't good for anyone, and hope you and your OH have managed to get through it ,as regards breathing problems.
So glad it's a lot cooler now,and we had some very welcome rain overnight,so I'm ready to going out in the garden to see what needs doing..I'm sure I'll find something ! Lol.. ! take care..x.

23 Jul, 2022


Thank you Janey,I'm glad all your pots survived the heat ok too . Mine are just fine,and we put them all back on the gravel yesterday,except one,which has a Fuchsia in it,and was new last year,so it will appreciate a bit of shade.

Oh,the Parasol ! would you believe we have had that for approx ,30years,which was bought from Woolworths for the princely sum of Β£ 14.99p .! .The table and chairs were bought at the same time, from a B &Q,and the table has been painted over a few times with the same paint as the Fence ! how's that for quality ? Lol.
Yorkshire folk living up to their reputation ?? ha ha.

Pleased to hear you had a bargain with yours too..I still love ours, :o) x

23 Jul, 2022


As I mentioned to Kate a while ago I can see the advantage of the Zen Garden I created. Although it is meant for contemplation, never have to contemplate watering it..... stone never wilts.

23 Jul, 2022


"I can see the advantage of the Zen Garden I created. Although it is meant for contemplation, never have to contemplate watering it..... stone never wilts."

I shall have to convert our balcony into a Zen balcony then I won't need to water it every day! πŸ˜‚

24 Jul, 2022

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