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Washout Summer,or is it ?


By bloomer


After the lovely warm June we all enjoyed, I began to wonder if our summer gardens would suffer,as a result of all the heavy rain ,and cooler temperatures, but to my delight,and I hope,to all of you ,I don’t think nature has done a bad job at all.

I did lose some Petunia’s in Wall baskets, on the fence,as they were absolutey waterlogged,and had rotted,so I moved them on to the shed,where they had some protection from the Guttering to theWater butts,which are still full to overflowing ! ).
One basket still looks sparse,as I haven’t replaced the ones that died. A lonely white Petunia is struggling to recover :o(..
On the whole ,the rain has kept everything from drying out and at least I haven’t had to water every single day,so there have been some advantages..
Anyway,here are a few photo’s ,I took yesterday, in a brief dry spell !
It has rained all day,and at the moment ,5pm,it is absolutely Torrential ! .. no watering again tonight then ??? ..hey ho..x

This was before I had to move the Baskets.Sadly,a stem on the trailing red Begonia on the left ,snapped off with the weight, but it’s growing nicely again,and has buds on :o).

Not as prolific,here,but more protected.At least the Petunia’s didn’t all rot.:o(


Unknown Fuchsia,bought in a small pot as a bargain buy last year,and was successfully overwintered ,so more than happy.. The one on the right,,is old Favourite ‘Lena’ ,kindly gifted by Steragram ,as a replacement from one I lost..x

Old favourite ’Purple Emperor ’ Sedum,for of six dotted around both back and front borders..:o)

Last years Spider plant cutting, which seems to thrive in the Chimney pot, when it’s outdoors in the summer.

The Dahlia’s are loving the rain,and flowering at last !

Happy gardening everyone,despite the rain ! :o)

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Sorry you’re having so much rain Sandra, while we have had a glorious sunny day! Just as well because there was plenty of clearing up to do after having our Laurel hedge thoroughly cut back. Love your colourful Petunias 🙂.

14 Aug, 2023


Heavy rain showers here too. Pleased to see the colour in your garden.

14 Aug, 2023


Thank you, ladies,I've just edited my blog,and added another photo,as this was the one I meant to add as the overall view.
Sheila ,how lucky you were to have such a lovely sunny day,it carried on way into the night,but yippee,this morning we have sunshine !:o) .
Thank you Siris, I hope you have some sunshine today too,it's been horrendous here.:o(.
Thank you Julia, Purple Emperor is such a good hardy plant,and on e of my favourites. I do have a few others,but they aren't as striking as this one ,but a good gap filler all the same.
Thank you for your lovely comment,Klahanie,oh dear,that must be so difficult not to have rain for such a long time,and to have to cope with those temperatures too,must be unbearable.. The World has certainly changed rapidly ,and heartbreaking for so many people..:o(
I think the damage earlier on isn't noticable ,now other plants have spread out,and new growth has emerged from some .

15 Aug, 2023


July has rained more than not and the garden is flourishing, British natives too, in fact better than some of the garden plants. Just goes to show how well the natives do in their own habitat.

You have a lovely selection of plants in pots too.

15 Aug, 2023


Thank you Eileen, I've just put the two Fuchsia pots back on the Gravel now,as I've been cutting back the 'Grass ',which the name escapes me at the moment,as it was taking over,so I have a bit more space..I agree,the established shrubs,tree's etc are looking lovely,but I've noticed earlier leaf drop on some .Our Daughters decking had lots yesterday, so that was my input for the day !

16 Aug, 2023


You have given me some great ideas for next year! Unusual weather but not damaging to the garden in comparison to previous years. I think that consistent weather patterns as in previous times are out the window for good.

17 Aug, 2023


Thank you Loosestrife, I think it's been a tough year for us all ,so we just have to make the best of what we are given.

This part of my garden,is much lower than the adjoining property,and has solid stone walls,to two sides,with a lot of trees at the back,so it seems to have it's own mini climate.I'm so lucky that it is well protected..

17 Aug, 2023


Sandra, your garden is looking so colourful and neat. I love the Fuchsias and, of course, the Sedum. The Spider plant has so many 'babies', fabulous! In your last photo, the lovely grass is one I like very much, but it just will not grow for me, so I shall have to covet yours.

That reminds me, on my recent blog about propagating Sedums, I took leaves from S. Matrona which grows much taller than 'Purple Emperor', what a numpty I was to type the wrong name!

18 Aug, 2023


Thank you Shirley, The Spider plant always seems to have so many 'babies' when it's been outside in summer, so I might take some cuttings,and do the same as you ,and donate to a local event..I have a new'Baby' already,waiting indoors ,to go out next year :o)

I don't think I've seen S.Matrona in flower,have you posted any photo's of it please? At least you got the species correct .Lol.
Strange you can't get the Grass to grow,but I have found mine grows much better in the Gravel area. I made a cut in the weed suppressant membrane underneath,and it's done much better than one in the front long border..
By the way it was much bigger than that,till just before I decided to give it a severe haircut pre Photo shoot ! Lol

19 Aug, 2023


Sandra, in the plants section at the supermarket earlier today there were pots of small Spider plants at £5 each ... crazy when you can grow them so easily!

I just posted 2 photos of the Sedum matrona for you.

19 Aug, 2023


No way would I pay £5 for a small Spider plant,Shirley..! Thank you for posting the photo's of the Sedum.. It's a lovely colour..x

20 Aug, 2023


I love all the red you've running through your garden Sandra, bright pops of colour we need especially this August! The pots on the gravel look really pretty and the Purple Emperor is a smashing colour and shape. I did have one years ago, but it tended to lay flat. We had high winds the other day, so beans and tomatoes ended flat too!

20 Aug, 2023


Beautiful photos Sandra :) x

26 Aug, 2023


Thank you Janey,I love Red flowers, and always have loved bright colours at any time of year, I'm not a 'subtle' gardener at all ! Lol..I think my Purple Emperors tend to flatten, as they get so top heavy,don't they? Oh dear,a shame about your beans and tomatoes though,I hope they colud be rescued.x.

26 Aug, 2023


Thank you Hywel,I'm quite happy with it again this year..:o) x.

26 Aug, 2023


I've just logged in for the first time in such a long time, and I cannot believe how beautiful everything looks in your garden! Most things were doing fine in my garden, despite having water every day. Then the rains started, and since then most things have either failed to bloom or grow. Lots of plants have rotted and most of the tomatoes succumbed to tomato blight.

The begonias are so healthy. Did you save the corms from last year? Your fuchsias are stunning. Perhaps the cooler summer has suited them... even if hasn't us!
I used to put my baby spider plants into the why didn't I think of it this year? sigh!
As for your Dahlias.....

28 Aug, 2023


Hello Julia, thank you for your lovely comments, and nice to see you on Goy again. I'm really pleased it's done better than expected,but then again,I think the sheltered area helps to protect,and any excess water drains into the Gravel,so that's my theory anyway :o)

The Begonia's were new this year, as the overwintered ones from last year,didn't survive,even though they were well protected.. I won't bother to save any this year..or will I ? It's always a challenge I can't resist :o)

The Dahlia's are only just coming into their own, lots of Foliage,but not as many flowers,as usual.but still my Favourites.. I've taken some seed heads off already,to dry for next year :o)

28 Aug, 2023

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