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Am I mad ?


Housework is done and I am bored so I am going outside in the pooring rain to plant my sweetpeas and tidy up out there a bit.
Hubby and the kids have just looked at me as if I have lost the plot and need committing ROFL
If i’m not back in an hour send out the RNLI LOL
Couple of pics to look at.
I was just messing around with the camera ROFL :O)

I LOVE my crocs LOL
Grass is looking greener now the boys have grown up and stopped playing football on it.
Won’t stay like this once the badmingtin set comes out though LOL

Daft bugger

Couldn’t resist this cute little guy

Hope to get this working again this year.
It is so tranquil to have a working fountain in the garden

Be back soon with another ‘Needs naming’ blog if I don’t drown in the garden LOL
Have fun mwah

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i don`t think your mad BL it is wet and cold out threre but sometimes you just have to go for it...

8 May, 2010


poor you got the gardening bug

8 May, 2010


Housework and gardening? Wish I had your energy! Lovely cat but what a strange name for

8 May, 2010


ok whats RFOl??? i don't think your mad, ive walked around the garden several times today in the rain, just to clear my head and get a little relief from next doors blooming music groan

8 May, 2010


I like listening to water in my garden, have fountain and waterfall so plenty of water noise.

8 May, 2010


ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing.
Sorry LOL

Housework has to be done daily before I go into the garden or it doesn't get done.
Gardening bug has bitten hard since I found GOY ;O)

8 May, 2010


There's nothing like gardening to relieve boredom :o)

8 May, 2010


theer be an ol country sayin htat say:
"if ye canot give joy to yer garden, then no expectin to get it fro anyweer else"

it be about 60 yeer old, but i no memry exact wehn i madeit up :):):)

9 May, 2010


If you're mad, then I'm there with you! I've been pushing beans, mangetout and parsnip seeds into the ground in the pouring rain because, from the weather forecast, that's what we've got for the forseeable future and the seeds need to be in NOW. I just wish I could shake like a dog and shed off all the waterfalls on my back! Brrrrrrr!

9 May, 2010


Love your new shoes Your cat is very much like my cat

9 May, 2010


Thank you everyone.
I was absolutely pooped this morning but still spent the day in the garden LOL

9 May, 2010


You`re not mad just determined, well done........

9 May, 2010

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