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Round 2 ' Need help naming '


Firstly a huge* thank you* to everyone for their help in round one.
You guys re the best ;O)

1 -Blackberry yayyyyyyyyy

2 – Oxalis – Yellow flowers

3 – Red Campion

4 – Bottle Brush -Callistemon laevis

5 – Oenthera – Evening primrose This grows about 5 foot tall

6 -lamium

7 – Oxalis

8 – Elderberry

9 Ok that’s all for now LOL

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First one does look like a bramble but b careful they spread like mad! Best planted in a biggggg pot or conained in some way.

Second one is Oxalis. We buy it in pots here & love it!!!! It dies back then pops up again. I've never seen that one take over but have seem the wild one I'd say again b careful where u let it grow, maybe best in a contained place. Unless u have a large area u want covered. It would b lovely as a ground cover with bulbs in flower over head, such as Daffs. If they grow @ da same time.
4 & 5 remind me of Wild Calif. natives but duno the names.

Best of luck.

8 May, 2010


Thank you
The bramble is currently along the whole of the back garage wall and creeping round by the pond.
Is it a Blackberry bush because if it is i'll leave it and just keep it under control.
If not then i'll dig it up LOL
#2 is pretty when it covers the ground. I usually have bedding plants there and then it grows around and under them :)

8 May, 2010


1. all brambles will produce blackberries but they will spread.
2. is a little yellow flowered oxalis and it will spread and can be a thug.
3.looks like red campion a british native [wild flower]
4. not sure possibly a hebe
5. is oenthera or e.vening primrose. a lamium or dead nettle not sure which one there are many varieties.
7.Oxalis but again can spread like mad if not controlled.
8.No idea though looks like an elder
9 not sure but the ferny foliage is similar to nigella, love in a mist,

hope this helps.

8 May, 2010


Thank you Seaburngirl.

I didn't know all brambles produce blackberries LOL
I have been wanting to buy one for ages and all this time i've been pulling them up (shakes head at self).
Luckily #2 is only on the front border.
#3 Is very pretty and is in a pot so i'll leave it there for now.
I thought primroses were low growing plants LOL
#6 will have little purple flowers on it soon. It's in old hanging baskets.
Elder is a weed ?

8 May, 2010


primroses are, I said 3 was red campion :o) it grows up to 21/2 ft tall.
elder if it is the shrub/tree one gives you elderflowers [for wine/cordial] and then elder berries good in summer puddings. I remove them all but one as they self seed. but I am not certain at all see what others say.

8 May, 2010


I thought you said #5 was evening primrose ?
# 5 grew to about 5 ft high :O)

I will write them all on my list once they are all confirmed them go labelling LOL

8 May, 2010


yes 5 is evening primrose. it isnt related to the primula though. sorry I thought the comment on primrose was carrying on from #3. my fault as i misread it. sorry for confusing you. My head is all in a muddle after being out in the garden cold for about 6hr stoday. :o)

8 May, 2010


My fault sorry.
I spent about 2 hours in the cold and rain that was enough for me LOL
Came in looking like a drowned rat.

8 May, 2010


i hink 8 is elderberry

9 May, 2010


Two is an oxalisis it is very pretty I use it as a summer container gap filler but it is like Seaburngirl says a thug , as they only cost about a pound I just buy them each year.

9 May, 2010

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