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By blooms


Now that I have found my photos and my computer is acting as it should I will give a bit of a profile.

I have recently retired ( for the 3rd. time. ) was going to try to make it to 80 ( only 2 years to go ) but due to the aging process had to call it quits, for now.

I am enjoying my garden even more now, moving, re-arranging etc. etc.
Yesterday I chopped up my rhubarb and managed to get about 6 new plants for myself and gave a couple away to my neighbours.

Some of the photos I have submitted, which are pretty much all in raised beds are doing so well and certainly are easy to mantain. I am going to have a great crop of blueberries this year and the raspberries, which are on the wooden trellis behind the fig tree are doing great. looks like I will have a good crop of figs this year too.

I don`t have a heated greenhous, instead have built two propagation trays. ( much more economical ) and start all my seedlings there.Tried a 6 inch long cucumber this year, in the hanging basket, also have `tumbler`` tomatoes in another basket plus basil. I defy the squirels to get at them. The rest of the veggies go into the raised beds, sprouting broccoli, lovage, parsley, squash, zucchini, roma toms etc.

You will see the Waspinator in the Laburnum tree, I hope it works.
The cottage studio is where I do my paintings ( watercolours ) – which I started a couple of years ago – also have an interest in most crafts.

When I was younger had bees, chickens, goats, sheep, and rabbits and built a smokehouse. A small farmette in the middle of West Vancouver. Not much static from anyone unless the bees swarmed. That is a different story though.


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Hi Blooms,

You'll have more time to live your life now you've retired. I retired early and I'm able to concentrate on the things I like to do - the garden being one of them. Like you I also do paintings and sketches and I've sold some. I also do pottery work and I'm going to sell that soon aswell. I just couldn't sit and vegetate.

I'm going to have a look at your pictures now.

25 May, 2008


Enjoy your retirement Barb... Sounds like you will have plenty to kep you busy. Do you paint some of your garden plants and flowers ?

26 May, 2008


Barb I'm sure in no time at all you will wonder how you ever managed to do your garden and work! Some people dread retirement goodness knows why my hubby was one of the lucky ones (if you can call having ill health that) and was able to take early retirement now I just can't keep him out of our garden.Enjoy yourself and happy

27 May, 2008


Hi Mikec: I have done an Iris,a Pansy Geranium, a Chickadee some mountain scenes etc, as I am still learning I haven`t guite decided what I really want to do - for now just a variety of things. Barb

28 May, 2008


Hi Blodyn: How long have you been painting. Are you doing watercolours, oils or acrylics. Wonderful that you can sell some as well as your pottery. As I am just learning I am happy to even get something that looks half decent. I love it though, another wonderful of relaxing. Barb

28 May, 2008


Hi Hel: Thanks for your comment. It is SO nice having no more commitments.Barb

28 May, 2008

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