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Who needs an alarm clock when you have a cat!


Well, it seems that Noodle’s breakfast clock is going off earlier and earlier these days. This morning, at just after 6 am, I awoke to a paw gently tapping my cheek and when I had the cheek to turn over, he tapped me harder lol. I wouldn’t mind, but it’s the school holidays and I’m enjoying the rest!

I will just wait here…

Don’t mind me, just getting a drink..

It’s tiring being a cat; back to bed for the morning…

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My daughter is also suffering at the paws of her pet, Toffee is 6mths old and still sleeps in my daughters bedroom, he is in danger of being banned for the same reason, both Toffee and Caspar love the sink, both expect the tap to be left on for them to get a drink any time they want one, daughter sent for a drinks fountain last week but Toffee has decided its a toy, he will not use it when its turned on but plays with it at other times...

12 Apr, 2015


We shut Ro out of the bedroom but she jumps up onto the lean-to wall house and scrabbles at the window...

12 Apr, 2015


Hi, LL Toffee sounds quite a character too. I caught Noodle trying to turn the tap on today so now I'm worried he might flood the house. I have to turn them really tightly but then my sons struggle to turn the taps on. I swear my toddlers were easier than kittens lol.

Stera, cats are so persistent aren't they. I have had another tap today, a bit later mind as it was at 7 this time. We tried locking Noodle out too but our other cat and rather elderly Wispa sleeps in the room and he misses us all dreadfully when he's not with us. He's 10 months old today so still a baby lol.

13 Apr, 2015


Oh crumbs Toffee turned our kitchen tap on when he was little, its a dual one that you pull down for on and up for off, trouble is it was the hot one, luckily I was only in the sitting room and heard the water, it really scared me at the thoughts of him being scalded.....
Toffee has been very brave and ventured outside today all on his own, lol...

13 Apr, 2015


Noodle is gorgeous! I'd love a cat like that, but I wouldn't let them in my bedroom!

13 Apr, 2015

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