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Hi everyone. Just thought i’d start a blog on boarder gardening. So anyone out there who gardens a lot on boarders and has expertise in dwarf peach trees, lilies, stocks, fox gloves, pineapple lilies, hellebores, vegetables and bleeding hearts, or just anyone who has something to say please write on my blog. Thanks. Stocks are beginging to form buds now and bleeding heart has came up. Bit worried about my hellebore but is deveiently growing and perking up since my friend dug it up for me. Peppers are doing well but are wilting a lot so had to water them at mid day being careful to water the soil not the leafs. Dwarf peach is slowly but surely coming into leaf and every plant is doing fine.

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Hello it sounds really nice, myself i just love herbacious borders packed with perennials, i have a couple of allotments and on one of them the front is one huge border, which i have stocked with all sorts of cottage garden perennials that have been aquired over many years of gardening for the general public, i get given so much, sometimes i pass these on to other gardens, on the plot in the centre i have a large angelica growing again and it looks like its going to be fantastic, its sad but a couple of years back someone on the allotments thought it was good to dig up my angelica as well as a few other perennials and take them away, by heck i was livid, i will post pictures soon of the plot in different stages of growth, do you have any other interesting plants/perennials in your boarder,julien

21 Apr, 2011


I love my borders and have spent the last few days digging up turf to extend them by 18" in depth. the only down side is I have lost my wedding ring in the process.

I dont think you should have put your peppers outside just yet as any frost will kill them. Many of the plants I have raised from seed are still doing the greenhouse hokey-cokey. Out in the morning and back in the evening. I will be doing this till late May where I am.

It is reassuring to see how many plants have survived the winter but equally sad to see what has died. Penstemons in particular. Also it looks as if I have lost the pineapple lillies too. I will buy replacements for them as I do like them alot. But they may be buried deep enough , time will tell.

I have many lilies in the ground such as L. tigridum, L.pardalinum and L martagon. they stay all the time but the asiatics are grown in pots and I place the pots amongst the foliage of other plants to create instant flowers.

Hellibores like some shade and they will seed freely, so plants for free.

enjoy the borders and dont worry if things dont 'behave' as expected, plants dont read the books. :o)

21 Apr, 2011


There's nothing better than seeing a border ful of lovely flowering plants. I'm hoping mine is going to be like that by next year - my plants are all new this year and quite small, so I am hoping that they have a year of just growing and getting bigger this year. Any flowers that show will be a bonus.

I particularly like old fashioned and unusual cottage garden plants like my parents used to grow years ago.

21 Apr, 2011


Welcome to GoY !
Nice to hear your plants are doing well. I hope you're enjoying the warm weather :)

22 Apr, 2011


About the peppers. They hav a cloch over them for protection. So should be all right. Thanks everyone for all your comments.

22 Apr, 2011

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