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Success on a east facing wall


Hi everyone. I have just been reading some useful facts about peach trees. Everyone says they will not fruit unless on a south facing wall. However, this makes the blossoms come out earlier making them more frost prone leading to rotted fruits and even a killed tree. On a east facing site they get about an hour of morning sunlight and then dashes of sunlight and then four full hours of intense afternoon sunlight. I am now looking forward to the summer as I have read people growing good peach crops on an east facing location. What do you think?

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Wouldnt chance it myself - it is the first sun melting the frost that does the damage. If you are troubled by frosts why not get something that comes into blossom a little later?

25 Apr, 2011


Thanks. I'll be protecting it by a frost fleece so hopefully no damage.

25 Apr, 2011

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